Download Human Resources Database Management A Java Project Report

This Project focuses on “Human Resource Database Management java project.” A software that stores and manages all the data needed to describe the personal and the framework within an organization. Human-Resource-Database-Management-java-project

It includes a definition of various levels of hierarchy in an organization, the salary structure pertaining to every element in this hierarchy, the description of every department functioning in the organization and the overall employ database which integrates elements in all the aforementioned. 

It has a database administration that has access to the entire database, in regards to viewing and update of information. The exclusive right is implemented using authorized access. Also viewing all data and editing of personal data can be done by any employee, this also using authorized access. 

Communication between personnel and administrator has also been provided for. The data can be accessed, manipulated and retrieved very easily. The interface has been made very user-friendly. The data is well protected for use and the data processing i.e., results of query functions has been made very quick and efficient. 

The Human Resource Database Management software is very user-friendly and appealing. The Human objective of the system is to maintain and retrieve information about the entire personal framework of the organizational system.

Its main objective is to Communication between employee and administrator. 


The advantage of the proposed system is it reduces the damages of the machine. An application has been developed using Oracle development and Java database programming connectivity via Oracle driver so as to meet the requirements of an organization, thereby ensuring quality performance. The data can be accessed, manipulated and retrieved very easily. To conclude this software has proved to be a user-friendly interface.

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    This project might be a huge help for something similar that I am developing right now.
    Could you please send me the code by email?
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