Accident identification based alerting location over GSM and GPS Project

This proposed project work is an attempt to design an advanced vehicle security and tracking system that can identify vehicle accident detection and sends the location details using GPS and GSM.

In present existing models many vehicles do not have accident detection system they have to wait for someone help to inform our guardians, this is a very big problem in 4 wheelers so to over all these we have developed a prototype model which has accident detection system in from in front and back side of the vehicle when they get pressed that indicates accident detected.

In this Accident identification based alerting location over GSM and GPS project we have used Arduino UNO open-source motherboard to which we have interfaced accident detection switch GSM modem SIM 800L for sending the message when accident detected, and GPS is for getting the location accident place, and in this accident identification project we have used an airbag which will get open when an accident is detected and the vehicle gets stopped automatically.

The safety of the vehicle This complete system is designed taking into consideration the low range vehicles to provide them with extreme security.

Block Diagram:

Vehicle Security System with Engine Locking and Alerting Project


This system is an attempt to develop an advanced vehicle security system that can identify vehicle theft and can track the details using GPS and GSM modules.

In present existing security systems strangers can enter the vehicle and take it without starting the engine, the vehicle owner will not be able to identify when the stranger doesn’t start the vehicle, if stranger removes the battery connections then entire security system will be an off state. It is very difficult to identify the vehicle in this situation.

Here we are proposing the new security system for 4 wheelers, which will have given security to the vehicle.

In this model vehicle will have RFID reader inside the car beside driver seat once after you enter the vehicle you have to keep the RFID tag in RFID reader for clearing the security check, if the RFID tag is matched then vehicle ignition will be on else alert signal will be sent to car owner along with location with help of GPS and GSM. (GPS for location identification and GSM for message sending) and the car will make emergency sound with a buzzer, engine ignition and fuel pump will get off with help of a relay.

If any stranger tries to open the door we have sensors like sound which will detect the sound like when a stranger breaks glass or hit with hammer etc… we have bump sensors in the bumper of the vehicle which will notify when cars meet an accident.

Block Diagram:

GSM and GPS based Smart File Security System


The main aim of this Smart File Security System project is to design and development of a certificate folder tracking system. The tracking devices are GSM and GPS modules. The GSM and GPS tracking system are one of the modern accurate tracking devices. Our design comprises with the Arduino MC that controls whole the system.

These devices are used to locate the particular location of the objects such as lost certificate folder, identification of lost keys and send their coordinates to the user through an SMS. GSM digitizes and compresses the data, then sends the data to a channel in its own time slot. It operates at 1800 MHz frequency band. GPS receiver collects the information to calculate the user’s exact location.

The tracking devices are used to locate particular objects using GPS (Global Positioning System).The design consists of GSM and GPS system to track the location of the object. By arranging this tracking device in the objects like folders, briefcase etc. the user could track their location from time to time. This makes the user find his belongings within less time.

The design is done in such a way that the system could be arranged in less space and accurate in tracking locations. As there is a GSM slot in the design, the user could get coordinates of the object from time to time through SMS. The design consists of an alert system to find an object by the sound.

The size of the microcontroller can be decreased, and it can be arranged in the small objects. As this project is based on a microcontroller, GSM, and GPS. This project is developed with low cost by integrating GSM and GPS.

The system consists of different modules which are linked wirelessly with GSM modules. Cost effective SMS service of GSM network is used for transfer of data between the modules. This service provides the information about the location of the place, of the certificate folder.

Working operation of project

In this project we are using Arduino nano as microcontroller unit for reading and sending the data, We have GPS NEO 6M for getting the current location of module and this is interfaced to Arduino nano to pin 2 and pin 3, GPS NEO 6M will send the serial data in NEMA format to Arduino nano, and Arduino nano will take longitude and altitude values, whenever the GSM modem receives the message it is sent to Arduino nano and this will send the GPS location to sender (file owner).

GSM modem will be connected to Arduino nano to pin 0 and pin 1 RX and TX, Arduino nano and GSM SIM 800 and Arduino nano will communicate each other with AT Commands, GSM modem will have SIM card. We have small piezoelectric buzzer integrated into the file for easy identification of file with the sound indication.


• Certificate files.
• Property document files
• Other Important log data files etc…


This project is very useful as compared to existing file folders system which can track the file with small SMS with help of GPS system. This project can be further modified to IOT for more easy access with android application.

Heart Beat Monitoring System

In recent days wireless patient Heart Beat monitoring system Project are gaining high reputation in medical field in terms of providing a reliable and accurate diagnosis for the patient. Here in this project Report “Heart beat monitoring by GSM technology” we implemented a micro controller based heart beat monitoring system based on GSM module.

These systems can easily sense the abnormal conditions of the patient located at remote places by means of a GSM modem. In order to perform these operations we need heart beat sensor, GSM modem, P89V51RD2 micro controller for controlling the auxiliary elements of the circuit.

Project Category:

Microcontroller and GSM Technology

Embedded systems:

Embedded systems are abbreviated as the computing systems embedded on a single integrated chip. These are special purpose computing systems design to implement specific tasks based on real time constraints.

Youtube video link to view ppt , circuit diagram

Power supply circuit:

The power supply circuit consists of an assembly having step down transformer -rectifier unit – smoothing filter – LM7805 voltage regulator for purpose of getting 5v regulated dc from 230 ac supply.

Download Heart Beat Monitoring System Project Report

Heart beat sensor:

The senor concentrate on the flow of blood in the finger the LED emits light with specific intensity on one side on the other side the change in light is measured by the light dependent resistor and detects the heart rate based up on the amount of change in blood in the finger.

GSM Based Home Security System Electronics Project for Final Year Students

Introduction to GSM Based Home Security System Electronics Project:

This final year assignment aims to expose students in higher education and technical studies the thoughts & logical processes that need to be urbanized to ensure the student can translate their work into something existing.

This is generally done by the creation of a design or a thought in the field of hardware and software. Also past products are studied to expose their deficiencies and an loom is in use to suggest a resolution which solves the problem.

A safety system encompasses an open standing interruption detector. The sight or has designed sensing element to detect and transmit an intrusion aware of customers.

For the fulfillment of our bachelor degree of engineering in telecommunication stream we select a project. The name of the project is GSM Based Home Security System.

At a time when home security is paramount, automated safety methods are a functional value addition to the modern home.

Vision based security systems can be easily installed, affordable & non- obtrusive. This system aims to detect home intrusion through the use of infrared sensors.

A security system has a open standing intrusion detector. The detector has an in built sensor to detect and broadcast an intrusion alert to customers.


We would also like to extend our thanks to our H.O.D, Col. R.K. Kapur for his undying faith in us and making us believe in ourselves.

His guidance has been the reason we could complete this project. We are very thankful to all of them.

Download  GSM Based Home Security System Electronics Project for Final Year Students with project Report.