Web Data Mart Informatica Project Abstract

Project Title: Web Data Mart Informatica (Power Center, IDE, IDQ) Project Abstract 

Project Description: The main aim and ultimate goal of this Web data mart Data Warehousing project is to make the anonymous web traffic information into meaningful analytical information. This allows measurement of what people say, how they feel, and most importantly, how they actually respond. This information is the foundation of personalized one-to-one marketing techniques, allowing the business to target specific audiences with customized products and services that directly solve their problems. 

Developer Responsibilities/ Contributions:

The Developer has done mapping using informatica and generated reports using business object.

Online banking support and Mobile Banking Java Project

Project Title:  Online banking support and Mobile Banking Java Project.

Software requirements:  Java, J2EE, Java Server Pages, MQ, SSL, Verisign.

Project Overview:

Online banking support and Mobile Banking is a java based banking application. The bank provides consumer and commercial banking services: deposit accounts management, credit cards management system, insurance management, investments and wealth management services, private banking system, mortgage, and home equity credit management, construction lending system, telephone banking system, and Internet banking channels.

This Online banking project had developed with warehouse techniques like Teradata, Datastage management, and Business objects.

Developer Responsibilities:      

  • Understanding client requirements and Projects Functionality.
  • Prepare the individual module report and send it to the Lead and Client.
  • Involved in Test case design and test case preparation.
  • Execute the Test cases manually.
  • Execute the test cases using black-box testing techniques.
  • Tested the online banking and mobile banking modules.
  • Knowledge of credit and debit card testing.
  • Involved In Preparation of Bug Report.
  • Preparing and Sending Daily/Weekly reports and module-level reports to the Manager/client.
  • Log project-related issues in the defect tracking tool identified by the project.

Daily Sales Reporting Data Warehousing Project

Project Title: Daily Sales Reporting Data Warehousing Project.

  • Project Domain: Sales domain.
  • Developer Role: Report Developer.
  • Environment:  Cognos 8, oracle 9i, Windows 2000.


                        Corporate Food Store company, which is one of the organization that sells various number of products every day. This company has more branches in various locations, which maintains Database has lots of previous customer details, company personal information, raw materials details, etc. This Daily Sales Reporting Data Warehousing Project system has a oracle 9i database which stores information about sales, profits and contacts of various customers. The main aim of sales Data warehousing cognos project is to analyze sales of major brands varying with different promotional schemes.


  • Report development by using Report Studio and Query Studio.
  • Participated in analyzing & designing high level design documents in identifying the errors.
  • Participated in all possible testing of the Reports.

Global Sales Data Mart Cognos project

Project Title: Global Sales Data Mart Cognos project.

  • Project Domain: Sales domain.
  • Developer Role : Report Developer.
  • Environment: Cognos Reportnet 1.1, oracle 9i, Windows 2000.

Project Description:

     The main Achievement of this Global Sales Data Mart Cognos project is to reduce the manufacturing cost of the raw material and improved the sales forecasting by identifying the key factors like the total sales revenue on a monthly and quarterly basis on the region and the sale amount. And the decision support system Data Warehousing Project is focused on analyzing the entire business process. In order to provide critical information like daily revenue, Weekly Revenue, Monthly Revenue, total sales, goals, information on employees and vision of the company developed Business Intelligence System.

Healthcare Hospital system Data Warehousing Cognos Project

Project Title: Hospital Decision Support System.

  • Client: Apollo Healthcare Hospital.
  • Project Domain: Healthcare domain.
  • Role: Report Developer (Trainee).
  • Environment: Cognos Reportnet 1.1, Oracle 9i, Windows 2000

Project Description:        

                This Apollo Healthcare Hospital system Data Warehousing Cognos Project, which was developed for Apollo healthcare service provider, aims at providing corporate information and hospital statistics that can be viewed by Directors and management or by those who are authorized to see it. The information includes all users registration, payments, consultation statistics, pharmacy, surgery, transplants, equipments, patients and doctors, healthcare bill, multi valued diagnosis, preventive health care, corporate counseling, welfare programmers, claims administration, patient care co-ordination, doctor achievements, staff details and Human Resource. This Project was developed Under Cognos Reportnet1.1 and Oracle 9i used for storing all Hospital modules information.

 Developer Responsibilities:

  • Creating Ad-hoc report using Query Studio and Report Studio.
  • Developed some complex reports by using calculated fields in Report Studio.
  • Involved in designing various prompts like Value prompt, Select and Search prompts.
  • Involved in creation of various linked reports like drill through and master detail reports.
  • Involved in scheduling the reports.
  • Involved in Unit testing.