Synchronous conferencing projects main idea is to implement a online chat application with some advanced features. This application is designed mainly for group communication in the form of channels and users can communicate with one another privately using private messaging option. Users are restricted with permissions while entering in to chat rooms,

In order to enter in to chat room user must be a team member. This application works on three factors fast easy to use and cost efficient real time communication. Some of the features of this application are online conference, managing work sessions and organizing chat events. Here users can chat on multiple rooms at a time. User will be provide with settings option where he can modify his chat permissions and add filters, manage backlist take backup and change chat room parameters.

Using this application users can use fast conferencing and easy to customize and easy to install. There is no flickering in this application. This application is designed for organizations to use it inside company for conferencing and chat purpose. This application works on internet as well as local office computer network.