Mail Server with Intranet and Live Chat a Java Project

Email is very crucial in today’s business world. This electronic enabled communication has been embedded into the day to day life and nowadays businesses wouldn’t be able to function without them. This project “Mail server with intranet and live chat a Java Project” is an application program that has been designed to send electronic messages from one system to another. The organization’s requirement is kept in mind before designing this system.

To meet the contemporary business needs, mail servers have become very complex in nature and this additional complexity leads to increased expenditure. This project tends to create a mail server which will eliminate all these problems and at the same time fulfill the requirements of the  system.

The project here Mail server with intranet and live chat is based on communication and networking. Thus here mail server, intranet and live chat will be implemented. The mail server is an application which transmits electronic mail from one computer to the other and the standard used is RFC 822. Intranet is a term given to a private network which uses internet’s TCP/IP protocols as its architecture.

Every company has its own intranet which is protected by firewalls so as to prevent unauthorized access. These networks can be built using programming languages such as Java. The live chat consists of a virtual chat room where one can communicate with group members something similar to an online conference. This system is thus useful for exchanging information between group members.


The project described here is generalized and can be used in any organization besides schools and colleges. This system enables information transfer in an easy and systematic way thus allowing free flow communication. In the existing systems, information transfer was usually done manually. However in these systems, this is not the case and communication is enabled online.

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