Java project on Alumni Information Database

Students of computer science and information technology who are interested in java, database related project with new concept then Java project on Alumni Information Database Project can help you. The main idea for developing this project is to replace existing system of maintaining alumni data of students by implementing a search engine based web application which will maintain data of each individual alumni which can be accessed by everyone from all over the world. Java-project-on-Alumni-Information-Database

Alumni Information Database Project will provide login procedure to upload information of college and alumni. Students who had completed his studies and begin his professional carrier can be helpful for other students and colleges for providing guidelines for upcoming students so this system will help colleges as well as students to be in contact with alumni without any other channel of alumni association. 

As we see advancements in information technology had given lot of scope for developing this type of applications by creating new resources like web pages of each alumni and list servers which can be accessed from all over the world within a short time. 

This project has lot of scope for replacing existing system where alumni data is stored in excel sheets which is a time taking process. But this application provides webpage for each alumni and data is stored in database which will be maintained by professionals. 

Alumni information database application is developed in windows xp,linux/solaris,HTML,CSS is used as user interface, Java script is used for client side scripting. Software requirements are mentioned below.

Software Requirements for Alumni Information Database project. 

Server Side Requirements. 

Operating System               :           Windows XP/2003 or Linux/Solaris

User Interface                     :           HTML, CSS

Client-side Scripting           :           JavaScript

Programming Language     :           Java

Web Applications                 :           JDBC, JNDI, Servlets, JSP

IDE/Workbench                  :           My Eclipse

Database                               :           MS Access

Server Deployment             :           Tomcat


Client Side Requirements 

Operating System              :           Any Operating System

Browser                               :           Any Browser (IE,Opera,Mozilla,etc)


For more information on this project you can download documents, code from this site. 

Alumni Information Database project document contains. 

System Analysis

Software Requirement Specification

System Design

E – R Diagram

UML Diagrams  ……more.

Download Project report for Alumni Information Database project .

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