Travel Bill Tracking System CSE Final Year Project

The purpose of this document is to display all the external requirements for the “Travel Bill tracking System JAVA Project”. The main objective of preparing this document is to give a detailed description of the analysis and requirements for the system to be automated and this will be a guide in the other phase. The purpose of “Travel Bill Tracking System “ to provide the Travelling bill process in an electronic form, using the Internet.
This document is meant for use by the developers and will be the basis for developing the final delivered system. The requirement changes to the document can be made due to changes in the client needs, change in technology etc.,

Travel Bill Tracking System is a web application that lets you maintain employee traveling bill information.
Functional specifications are in order to streamline activities and information flow, computerization on special tasks is most suited option. This shall minimize the paper movements and increase the efficiency, labor as well as time-consuming reports can be generated as when needed. Updating the progress of projects and status of different activities and jobs can be checked easily and regularly.
The process of “Travel Bill Tracking System” is to provide a employee traveling expenditure of different category working in an organization different type of reports on different selected options.
This Travel Bill Tracking System is design to provide communication channel inside an organization between different clients on the network. The main objective of the project is to develop and enhances communication among the members of organizations in a reliable cost effective and secure way. This document is one the describes the requirements of the System. In the System mainly new employee information employee travel information from place to place by the type of travel, cost of particular travelling, different type of report.

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