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C# Projects

December 5, 2011

 List of C# projects:

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  1. Film library Dot Net Final Year Project For Students
  2. Picture Album CSE Project On ASP.Net & SQL
  3. C# projects on Email Address Verification System C# & SQL Final Year Project
  4. C# projects on Libarary Management System CSE Dot Net & SQL Project
  5. C# projects on Address Book Dot Net Major Project With Code
  6. C# projects on Condo Management System C# SQL CSE Project With Code
  7. C# projects on Hotel Management System C#.Net & SQL CSE Final Year Project
  8. C# projects on Payroll Management System CSE .Net Major Project With Code
  9. C# projects on Poll Survey System ASP.Net C# SQL Server Btech CSE Project With Code
  10. E-ELECTION SQL Server 2005 & Visual studio Project
  11.  Multi-threaded Segmented Download Accelerator C# Project
  12. C# projects on Airline Reservation System A .Net Project With Code.
  16. Account Payable System a Visual Studio Project Report
  17. Placement cell a ASP.Net Project with code.
  18. C# projects on ONLINE BLOOD BANK A C# .Net Project
  19. C# projects on Intra Mailing System Documentation a ASP.Net Project
  20. C# projects on Share Accounting Package a .Net Project
  21. C# projects on Secure LAN Communicator a .Net Project
  22. C# projects on Student Management system a C#.Net Project
  24.   Hospital Management System Project in VB.Net
  25. HR Management System Project ASP.Net & VB.Net
  26. Human Value Management System in ASP.net & VB.Net
  27. Pratibha High School System project in ASP.Net & VB.Net
  28. Human Resource Information System Final Year project
  29. Distributing And Monitoring The Process In A Network MCA Project
  30. C# projects on E-Shopping Project in Asp.Net
  31. C# projects on College Website Project in ASP.Net
  32. Personal Identity Management final year CSE project
  33. C# projects on Library Automation over Network .Net Project
  34. Payroll System .Net Project
  35. Online Shopping & Bidding Application .Net Project
  36. Atomisation of Mark sheet Generation System
  37. C# projects on Multimedia System .Net Project
  38. C# projects on Boob Tube Flourish .Net Project
  39. Project Monitoring and Control Administration
  40. SMS Based RTC bus enquiry System
  41. Centralized Intruder Detection System for Gated Communities Using IR sensors
  42. Cross Database Manipulator Using Common Interface
  43. C# projects on Assembly Dissection Tool .Net Project
  44.   ATM Simulation System .Net Mini Project
  45. Municipal Administration System
  46. Route Stability in MANETs under the Random Direction Mobility Model
  47. C# projects on Telecom Business Management Systems .Net Project
  48. Trustworthy Computing under Resource Constraints with the DOWN Policy
  49. Cell Breathing Techniques for Load Balancing in Wireless LANs
  50. Project on Monitoring Online Tests through Data Visualization
  51. Monitoring Online Tests through Data Visualization Project
  52. C# projects on Monitoring Online Tests through Data Visualization
  53. C# projects on Project on Airline Reservation System
  54. C# projects on  Airline Ticket Booking System Project
  55. C# projects on GEO SPATIAL INFO TECH SOLUTIONS A ASP.Net Project.
  56. C# projects on Gas Agency System ASP.NET, C#, SQL Server Project With Code 

posted in C# Projects by Ramesh Gavva/Kasarla shanthan

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20 Comments to "C# Projects"

  1. satyendra dagur wrote:

    general information for page replacement algorithm project made on C# .net…

  2. Supriyo Mondal wrote:

    I’m a CSE student, so I like this type project

  3. nil wrote:

    I Want ready synopsis on web tracking and aslo all documentation part with project

  4. Jaymin wrote:

    wants C# project on wedding planner any hw cn sme1 get me ??? urgent? plzzz replyyy

  5. bhuvana wrote:

    this project is very nice.pls send a souce code for college web based projects pls pls pls reply quick send my mail id sbhuvaneswari28@gmail.com

  6. Saddan wrote:

    “Related to High Security for personal data”

    I’m a CSE student, so I like this type project

  7. viji wrote:

    pl send source code using c#.netfor the title The Conditional Random Fields of Layered Approach using
    Intrusion Detection

  8. Paridhi wrote:

    I need c# .net project on railway reservation system. Please help

  9. Sanmati wrote:

    I need some new project ideas on c#.net

  10. nuts wrote:

    send a source code on page replacement algorithm in c# as early as possible & its abstract………

  11. sathya prakash wrote:

    i need new type project

  12. Niroshana Wickramasinghe wrote:

    I want project with source code (visual c# and SQL) for “attendence management system in educational institution”

  13. samyama wrote:

    please send me a source code on “Retail Management system” with database connectivity using c#.net, SQL server…
    please its urgent..

  14. JIMMY wrote:

    I am looking for book barter or any kind of bartering project in c# with Sql database. Can anyone help me out?

  15. ganesh wrote:

    i need code for time table management system. please any one respond for me.

  16. Ramesh wrote:

    i want to print tracker project in c# language

  17. sudhakar wrote:

    i am looking for windows phone apps .. please respond to my comment

  18. heena wrote:

    i want project on online wedding planningt C# .net…plz send this project on my mail…my email_id ssjaisachidanand@gmail.com

  19. tarun wrote:

    I want source code for online voting system and its documentation also, as soon as possible.

  20. sriram wrote:

    i need source code for ,capture the image and save image by using thermal camera if anybody havin means help me

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