Payroll System .Net Project

Project Name: Payroll System .Net Project

Platform & Technologies Used: Windows, C#.NET, SQL Server 2005

Roles And Responsibilities:

  • Thorough analysis of the system requirements
  • Coding was done under the C#, Visual studio 2008
  • Converted the dos-based application Into C# based application
  • To change the database from file-based system into SQL server database and database is design in a stored procedure

Project Description: Payroll Management system was used to maintain database of the employee’s salaries, leaves and prepare pay slip for each employee The application was designed in a Windows based application using Visual Studio 2008 with for calculation of salary and maintenance of leave accounts for the various employees of the college. The proposed Final Year .Net Project will perform the specified tasks based on the information provided by the accounts department of the college.

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