Secure LAN Communicator a .Net Project

The project “Secure LAN communicator a .Net Project” is an easy-to-use system for LAN messaging application. A server is not required and is easy to install. This LAN communicator identifies and works under Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista. This system comes with a host of useful features like message notification alarms, personal or group messaging and an intuitive interface. Strong encryption is provided in this system and no unauthorized person can access the correspondence.

The system is very stable in nature and can run on all Windows operating systems. All the chat messages are logged messages and hence no message is lost in this process. Sound alarms are generated for incoming messages. The program is easy to install and does not require special assistance from the IT departments. The settings can be saved as well as transferred to other systems very easily.


The project Secure LAN communicator consists of two modules that are server module and a client module. The server module is for recording the information about users, login name, passwords which will respond to client requests. The client module can connect to the server module from any other computer with the aid of a user id and password. If the client is authenticated then the list of online and offline users are provided.

This system creates only one chat room providing a clear interface. This interface consist has one window which has a list of chat participants, messages, and outgoing messages. The status can be set as online, disconnected or away in this window. Once the users enter text into the input region, this is transmitted to the server and this is displayed by the server in output region.


The project described here has a lot of benefits. It is a network-enabled project. The data is entered data via simple forms. The user can check the data he has already send. Moreover the user offers transparency and accuracy.

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  1. Mam,
    Can u pls help me out about the UML diagrams of this project or any new thing which we can implement in this project to make it better. Thank u

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