Project Description:

 The project entitled Project Monitoring and Control Administration Final Year Computer Science  Engineering C#.Net Project was intended to develop an automated System & was designed under Visual studio 2008 & SQL Server 2005, This Project is web-based enterprise application that automates all possible business functionalities of the Project Development sector such as providing information catalog of various Project Activity types to the clients, reaching the expectations of the client’s requirements, providing information of the Organization’s authorized Employees and providing alerts to the Project Developers for the Project Modifications.

Roles and Responsibility of the Developers:

  • Should be Interacted with DATAPOINT to understand the current state and requirements expected during my project period
  • Should be involved in website creation.
  • Should be involved in database design and screen design of the website.
  • Designing and Developing the business logic and Presentation.
  • Should be Developed Web parts.
  • Gave final demo to DATAPOINT and worked on the demo feedbacks and helped to close the project within the timelines
  • Should be Communicated the project progress and got the clarifications required from Head of the Department.
Environment(with skill versions) Languages : C#
Software’s : Visual Studio 2008
Database : SQL Server 2005
Tools : Microsoft office tool Ms word
O/s : Windows XP