Film library Dot Net Final Year Project For Students

Film library is a small windows based application which is developed to give complete information about the movies.

Film Library as its name implies gives complete information about the movies like name of the movie, In which year the movie got released , . who are all the actors involved, who is the director, who is the producer and co-producer ,what is the time duration of the movie,etc.If we have the title of the movie we can identify the entire information about the movie ,in which year the movie was created, who is producer,director,actors what is main theme of the movie.previously like how many movies the director has created and how many got many awards the director has which locations the director shooted the movie what is the time duration of the scenes.when was the movie was last updated. What are all the scenes modified. what are all the scenes got succeeded. what is that reputation the director has got.

The current Film library Dot Net Final Year Project, online shopping is a web based application, which is mainly designed for selling and buying the Electronic devices as the customers are interested to perform their tasks online only. The administrator takes the responsibility to add various items and the users need to register to complete all their purchases online. The users need to provide their credit card number to buy the goods online. The sellers need to contact the administrator to add their items to the site. The user adds the items to their cart and purchases their items depending on their card balance.

The current project gives all the supreme rights to the administrator as the application should not be mislead.

Software and Hardware Requirements

Software Requirements:

Operating System : Windows 2000/xp/Vista

Front End Software :  Microsoft Visual studio 2008

Database : Microsoft SQL Server 2008

Hardware Requirements:

Processor : Pentium 4.0(1.6 GHz) and Higher

Memory :  512 MB

Hard Disk : 40 GB

Download Film library Dot Net Final Year Project For Students.

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