Airline Reservation Systems a .Net Project With Code

Airline reservation system project or air ticketing system is a computer science final year project which is developed in .Net  platform.Students interested in this project can download information given below.


1.Project code

  •  AboutUs.aspx
  • Add a flight.aspx
  • Available seats.aspx
  • avseats.aspx
  • canreq.aspx
This folder covers documents which contain code and database table details.
You can download documents like abstract document,Final document,paper presentation and print

Explanation about the project.

This projects main idea is to implement a online web application for air ticket booking,flight scheduling,ticket reservation and details of different airlines fare.

In order to implement these features application is developed in to three modules. This application uses inventory data importing system which is maintained using scheduled distributing system.


  1.  Registration module
  1. Administrative module
  1. Passenger module

1. Registration module.

  This module provides login facility for every user who what to use online reservation facility. Initially user should log in to the account to get a unique username and password and then follow online reservation application features.

2. Administrative module.

This modules main features is to update information on flight details ,reservation information in regular intervals. These are the major features available in this module.

  • Create and maintain airline schedule, fare and timings of the Flight.
  • View the passenger list.
  • View the available seats in the flights.
  • Cancel the tickets.
  • Updating the flight schedule and timings and fare. 

3. Passenger module 

As users get there username and password they can log in to there own pages, from there they can view use site features.This module includes these features.

  • View all airline schedules, timings, fare details and seats availability.
  • Book for the tickets.
  • View and cancelling of the ticket.
  • Send feedback.

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