Telecom Business Management Systems .Net Project

 As we have already seen that the need cannot be emphasized further the development of this system is only timely and helpful to any Telecom corporate company, the system defined in the above script is up to date and caters to all kinds of request faced by the telecom industries.

Based on the various parameters and properties files everything from the look and feel to the functionalities can be customized.

Thus this project is developed from the beginning with reuse in mind and implicitly uses several design patterns.

The architecture of this project is such that it suits the diverse and distributed nature of the telecom industries and applications.

telecom-business-management-systems-net-projectThe features provided by the (Telecom Business Information System) are in no means comprehensive but by all means full filling and all important functionalities of any live telecom service provider.

 The inclusion of further functionalities as days go by can be easily done because the project has been developed in a layered architecture.

Plug-in modules would easily add new features which change with the times and being performance oriented the project will not face any issues. 

It is also extensible and scalable as all telecom apps should be thus it can be said that it will meet surges of huge customer requests that may come up in the near future.

Download Telecom Business Management Systems .Net Project

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