Assessment Emulator A .Net Project

Assessment Emulator .Net Project aims at evaluating internals of students and providing user friendly, simple and an interactive environment to collect, record, store and retrieve student and staff profile and grade card. ASSESMENT-EMULATOR-A-NET-PROJECT                               

What it all comprises? 

In assessment emulator we have admission details, login, branch details, course details, semester details, subject details, staff joining details, internal details tables in the database. 

In login page, there are two possibilities for the user. One is the administrator login level and the other is the staff login level. The registered user should enter the user name and password and is allowed to login. After clicking the login button, if correct details are entered the user is redirected to home window where there are several links. 

If incorrect user name and password are entered, a login failed message box is displayed. 

So, the user has to retype the correct user name and password for login. The home window contains menu bar with master, student and staff menus. Master menu provides provisions to add new courses, branches, semesters and subject details and also provide provision to view, update and delete the inserted details. 

Student menu provides provisions to insert, delete, update and view the student details. It also provides provisions to insert student marks and automatically calculates the internal marks. Staff menu provides provision to insert, delete in the existing system, the internal marks are calculated after a heavy manual work. 

The work of entering marks after each exam, profile updating in each semester is a hard task. In Existing System, there are chances for data loss. All these processes consume more time and require more manual efforts, update and view staff details. 

Finally, the result of the computer output is compared with the original manual procedures. 


The disadvantages with the client server architecture led to the development of three-tier architecture. Due to disadvantages of traditional approach, client/server architecture was introduced. In this architecture, data is separated from the client side and is stored at a centralized location that acts as server. The business logic is combined with the presentation logic either at the client side or at the server side that has the database connectivity code.

download Project Report  of  CSE Assessment Emulator .Net Project.

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