Intra Mailing System Documentation a ASP.Net Project


The project “Intra mailing system documentation a ASP.Net Project” is an enterprise Intranet application which will automate and improve the procedures within the organization. It is a very useful technology and keeps track of the steps during completion of projects. It keeps track about the employees as well as the track of the task given to each employee. The super users of this system are admin and the employees appointed by the admin.Intra-Mailing-System-Documentation-a-ASP-Net-Project

This is a web-based application and allows people from various corporations to exchange their work and ideas. In this software, there are links which can be connected to other intranet resources including databases. It outlines the approvals required for completion of projects.


The project Intra mailing system documentation begins with a login page, this is an html page. Here the user can login to the company’s website and access his account details. He can also finish his project tasks along with access provided him to the company’s database. There is a link provided for registering as a new user and another link in case a user forgets his password. Once the user gets registered he is authenticated by the admin. After the authentication he can access his home page and do all tasks related to him.

Admin is in charge of all the total activity occurring on the website. The role of an admin is simplified by ensuring that projects going on in the organization are linked to the business and important projects will receive the top priority which is set by the admin. He can also ensure if the given task is being completed under the given time.


The project discussed here has many advantages and it benefits an organization to a great extent. Through this system, a consistent approach to the systems is followed. The success rate of projects increases thereby it saves costs. It also raises the skill of project managers in the organization.

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  1. share it to us so that we can also publish it else where as unix’s products we need the source code please????

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