Multi-threaded Segmented Download Accelerator C# Project

Multi-threaded-Segmented-DownloadThis is the project for the cse students who wish to work on web based applications.

This application will be useful as software for users who likes to download applications from net. Downloads are divided in to segmentation and data is transferred using HTTP and FTP Protocols, Starting position of the data streaming is specified by client.Initially client will request file size from server and  based on the file size segmentation size is calculated.

Initially, the client will request file size from the server and based on the file size segmentation size is calculated.

The main aim of developing multi-thread C# Segmented Download Manager project is to organize a large number of segmented downloads by supporting HTTP, FTP and YouTube downloads. The features  supported are Segmented downloads from HTTP and FTP.
The Functionalities provided by the Project are as follows:-

  • Speed Limit — to avoid to use all your bandwidth
  • Download Scheduler and files only on allowed times from HTTPS.
  • Limit the number of simultaneous downloads
    • When one download ends, starts another automatically
    • Support for FTP site that requires authentication
    • Automatic retry when a segment or download fails

When responding to the client, the server should send necessary information such as User authorization and authentication information, Merging, Encryption, Decryption types and their level of hierarchy etc.

This application is implemented in four modules:

1. Download manager

2. Settings

3. Segment manager

4. Front end

It provides a facility to the user that he will not face any difficulty at the time of usage like data missing and provides flexibility to the user to transfer the data through the network very easily by splitting the large amount of file in to user specified size.

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  1. Sir, could u please send me the code of this project-multi-threaded-segmented-download-accelerator.i liked the project abstract very i want the code of this project.can i please get??

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