Condo Management System C# SQL CSE Project With Code

Condo Management System

The condo management system is a Desktop application. This project is mainly developed to support large hotels and other apartments in which the administration has to take care of all the transactions like how many people visited the hotel and how many rooms are left free .At what time the customers have arrived and at what time they left, how much of rent they have paid and how much is left to be paid and etc. In this the main role of the administrator is  once the administrator enters the particular customer id or the customer location he can get the complete information about the customer and also enables the administrator to give additional information to the newly arrived customers.

In condo management system  there is basically three main modules. They are

1. The Customer.

  • Add
  • Delete
  • View
  • Exit

2. The Truncations.

3. The rooms.

These are modules which we can see in condo management system.

Software and Hardware Requirements

 Software Requirements:

Operating System           : Windows 2000/xp/Vista

Front End Software        :  Microsoft Visual studio 2005/C#.Net

Database                           : Microsoft SQL Server 2005

Backend Language          : C#.Net

Hardware Requirements:

Processor             : Pentium 4.0(1.6 GHz) and Higher

Memory               :  256 MB

Hard Disk            : 40 GB

Download Condo Management System C# SQL CSE Project With Code.

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