• Title Of The Project: Municipal Administration System
  • Technologies Used:  ASP.NET, C#.NET, VB.NET and MS-SQL SERVER 2005


      Municipality Administrative System automates the entire process keeping in the view of database integration apporach.The application has rich User Interface and provides access to the internet and provides good security for the user information as data is not available in the client machine.

This project is categorized into 7 modules:

  • Municipality Administrator module.
  • Municipality officer’s module.
  • Citizen module.
  • Web Registration module.
  • Assets and Inventory module.
  • Advertisement Tax module.
  • Authentication module.

       The working employee on municipality is called as municipality officer. They can perform different functionalities on municipality. The employee need to calculate the tax percentage of an advertisement tax belongs to that municipality. Calculating depreciation, sales of assets, purchase of products, purchase returns and wastage of products.

Responsibilities in project:

Information gathering, designing, unit testing and implementation.