Payroll Management System CSE .Net Major Project With Code

Payroll Management System is the windows application which is designed mainly for maintaining every employee details easily. In our application we can calculate the pay of different employees in the database by hourly basis.

FICA (Federal Income Contributions Act) and taxes and deductions will be subtracts from the actual pay and insurance and bonus will be adds to the actual pay.

By Payroll Management System application we can add new employee with full details like personal information and pay per hour and insurance information.

We can modify the existing employee information and we can remove any existing employee, here we can also reload the database. Payroll Program stores the journal logs and check details. Payroll Program was designed by using VB.NET.     

Software and Hardware Requirements

 Software Requirements:

Operating System : Windows 2000/xp/Vista/Win7

Front End Software       :  Microsoft Visual studio 2008

Database Server              : Microsoft SQL Server 2008

Download Payroll Management System CSE .Net Major Project With Code

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