Social Networking Asp.Net Project Source Code

Social networking web site project is implemented in platform. This project is developed by considering present networking sites like Facebook, Twitter …etc as a reference and implemented a similar site with basic functionality. 

In present trend developing this application will help students to understand basic knowledge on architecture for developing higher-level applications.

This application is developed with basic features like user registration, security issues in login and password protection, a profile module, adding friends, posting scraps, and many other basic features.

You can download entire project source code for free with step by step procedure for executing this project.

Social networking project source code and project abstract.

2 Replies to “Social Networking Asp.Net Project Source Code”

  1. Thanx for this project…..just what i want but it does not have login class and without login class it cannot do anything…so can you please upload the full project

  2. Thanks For Sharing this app admin, I got a project from my college about social media sharing app, I hope it will work for me, it is a zip file and after extracting it opens up as a folder of friend and then after you find lots of necessary folders guys who want to try. I think this will be helpful for you too.
    Piyush Dhiman

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