Project Management Information System Project in Asp.Net

Project management information system project  is a software project which comes under  management and , sql server category. This project will give detailed understanding about project design, development, database creation and modules design.  

Project Management Information System

Project management software is developed to understand basics of how project tracking and project scheduling system works in software companies and create forms to view projects and update latest projects and manage existing project. This software will have all basic features that we see in existing project management software.

Project Abstract:

For every software company management software fok managing projects is very important. As company handles many project at a time there must a software where employees are divided  in to team and allot work for employees and allot specific time slot for every project.

Project Management Information System Forms Explanation:

Main form consists of six options Home, admin login, employee login, client login, about us and contact us.

Admin Login : Admin will have registered user name and password to loging in to application. Admin can modify password and other settings from setting option.

Manage Department: This application will have department name, page size to display details. Details with  department name, description is displayed. Admin can select specific department from the list.

Manage Project Type:  This form is used to manage existing project which are active in status. This form consists of project type name, page size to display results. Details are displayed by project type name ( compu, e commerce..etc ) with project description.

Manage Country:  This form is used to manage projects based on country. This form will have country name to search by specific country, page size to display results. List consist of  country name and description.

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