YouTube Flourish .Net Project

YouTube Flourish projects the main idea is to develop a user-friendly interface for TV programs using ASP.Net and SQL Server. 

Using this application organizer can easily manage different programs with limited staff overall programs cost can be reduced.

 In the present scenario, reality shows are gaining huge public response and created a money source for talented persons and TV program organizers. 

There is a need for back ground work before the program is started. Basically what organizers do is show ads on programs or news papers and gather participants and test their skills.

There are few disadvantages in this procedure. It is time-consuming, requires a lot of money.

In Propose System, we are going to overcome the problems of the existing system. 

  • Artist can upload his works as photos or videos personally.
  • The user can access the System from anywhere in the world through internet.
  • The expense for publicity of events is reduced, as the website is the easy and less expensive to canvas the Events.
  • Fiscal problems are resolved mostly when compared with existing system

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  1. hello sir,
    please cud you send me the complete source code for the YouTube Flourish .Net Project and any other project related to video streaming server in .Net as soon as possible.

  2. hello sir,
    plz cud you send me the complete you tube project with source code and any other related project on video streaming server on… itz real urgent sir.. plz..
    thank you

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