Geo Spatial Info Tech Solutions A Asp.Net Project

Geo Spatial Info Tech Solutions A Asp.Net Project  main idea is to provide automated application for government offices for providing fast and secured service to citizens. This application is developed in seven modules where each module has different functionality.

       Existing System:

          The existing system is a manual system.  Here the employees needs to save the information in the form of excel sheets or Disk Drives. There is no sharing is possible if the data is in the form of paper or Disk drives. The manual system gives us very less security for saving data; some data may be lost due to  is management. It’s a limited system and fewer users friendly. Searching of particular information is very critical it takes lot of time.

        Proposed System:

The development of this new system contains the following activities, which try to automate the entire process keeping in the view of database integration approach. User Friendliness is provided in the application with various controls provided by system Rich User Interface. The system makes the overall project management much easier and flexible.  It can be accessed over the Intranet. The employee information can be stored in centralized database which can be maintained by the system


  1. Administrator
  2. Citizen’s
  3. Web Services
  4. Citizen’s Bill Information
  5. Search
  6. Reports

download  Geo Spatial Info Tech Solutions A Asp.Net Project.

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