Library Automation over Network .Net Project

Project Title    :    Library Automation over Network .Net Project
Software / Tools    :    ASP, ASP.NET with C#, HTML, AJAX, Visual Studio 2010, SQL Server 2005
Duration    :    3 Months
Project Description: Library automation over network .Net Final Year Application is actually a web based product developed under ASP, AJAX, ASP.Net, C#.Net, Java Script, HTML, DHTML and SQL Server 2005 Database. Online solution for LIBRARY MANAGEMENT is provided based on the Base product with many additional features and new technologies especially effective utilization of AJAX & SHAREPOINT. We are heading the Main modules like desining in LAN. We have got good exposure and good knowledge of the LAN.

Developer Roles & Responsibilities:
•    Responsible for fixing Design issues & Infragistics control issues.    
•    Responsible for Design & Development.
•    Responsible for Testing & Maintenance.
•    Designed a database for use in development of a control data set.  Environment: Sql Server 2005
•    Programmed in C# with AJAX, ASP.Net, ASP Scripting Language, Sql Server 2005, and HTML.

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