Share Accounting Package a .Net Project

The project “Share accounting package a .Net Project” explains the process for carrying out a bank business. When two or more people make an investment with the motive of carrying out a bank business it leads to the formation of a cooperative bank. Thus this person becomes a member of the cooperative bank and has to take care of the shares. The two types of shares in a cooperative bank are Share-A class membership and nominal membership. Share-Accounting-Package-a-Net-Project

Share-A membership is used when the person has to become a member of the bank. Nominal membership is taken when the person becomes a member only for the sole aim of pledging loans. There is a set of rules that a bank follows for granting membership. Board of directors checks the application of each applicant and makes him a member if he fulfills all the requirements.


According to the system Share accounting package, a share accounting module is needed. This module is required to maintain the details of the member of the bank and also its transactions. A module called details of share holder is needed too. Every share holder has its own id. For opening membership, the criteria have to be satisfied. His details are stored and as per the transaction id of the member and the withdrawal of share; these details are  stored.

Dividends are calculated on a yearly basis and once in a year so that the number of shares that are held by each member during different periods of the year. The dividend rate as well as dividend amount also need to be found out. Nominal membership maintenance is for those members who have joined for taking loans and all the details of his loans are stored.


This system s designed for a cooperative bank. It is user friendly and changes can be applied easily. The software can be upgraded with more features having deposit and loan modules.

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