Role of digital strategy in the globalization of Medium-scale Indian Pharmaceutical Industries


How digital strategy is going to help medium and small pharmaceutical companies to grow as global players and the opportunities for them in international markets. How digitalization helps to improve their operational efficiency, Brand promotion, and increase in quality, to make the company competitive, grow in terms of productivity, revenues, and profitability.

Main Objective of this Research

  1. To develop a framework to exploit the new technologies in marketing and globalization for medium-size firms in the pharmaceutical industry.
  2. To highlight to the top and senior management how to benefit from new technology.
  3. To disseminate the view that the use of traditional brick and mortar models with new technologies can create better results in terms of globalization.
  4. To establish the need for HCM to achieve a competitive advantage in marketing.
  5. To highlight the various tools and technologies available for marketing. the products of medium-scale firms in the pharmaceutical industry in India.

 Other Objectives of the Research

  1. To evaluate and design a suitable framework of digital marketing for the globalization of Indian pharmaceutical companies
  2. To establish and highlight why the integration of traditional models and digital marketing is important for the success of the company
  3. Evaluate the various digital marketing tools such as the use of smartphones, social media, blogs, and websites with traditional marketing tools how they have to be integrated to maximize the performance of the company’s marketing efforts.
  4. To evaluate and understand the importance of a balance in the use of traditional and digital marketing to achieve a competitive advantage for the firm
  5. To establish the need for a globalization strategy for the survival and growth of the small firms

 Scope and Limitations of the Research

Each and every research work has its own scopes and limitations that are ethical, genuine, and validity of the information. And hence this research as well as its own limitations and scope. The research work will focus on the digital marketing of Indian small and medium-sized pharmacy companies competing in the highly competitive global market.

The Indian pharmacy market has grown tremendously in the past few decades, further there are plenty of medium-sized companies operating in other foreign countries. This research will focus on the methods that these medium-sized companies use the technologies available to them. The reason why the researcher has selected quantitative analysis is due to the huge market in India and the numerous operating medium-sized businesses.

Hence the researcher is looking to collect most information from most of the companies across the nation and their wide range of customers in order to get a clear picture of the research at hand. Hence this research will follow an interpretative pattern and an interpretative paradigm as well. 

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