Online Healthcare System Python & SQLite Django Framework Web Application Project


This Online Healthcare System project is a web application that was developed using Python & SQLite database with Django Framework 2.1.5. This Project provides students/patients quick online access to Health Care Centres and Medical Pharmacy shops. The students can get online prescriptions from various doctors, request an ambulance in emergency times, and get information about the medicines available in the Medical Pharmacy Shop.


  • Need for assistance and monitoring of Healthcare in Hostel life as the number of students in the college area will rapidly increase in coming years so management will become difficult to handle.
  • Making the Healthcare process fully automated and online can increase the efficiency of the Health Centre as well as reduce the need for paperwork


  • Online Healthcare System for College Health Centre connecting Students and Residents with Doctors.
  • Online prescriptions availability information.
  • Notifying users of suggestions from time to time.

Project Features

  • User Profile and Information Website Page
  • Login and Registration Website Page
  • Prescription History And Website Page
  • Health Centre Contact Information
  • Prescription and Doctor Specifications
  • Emergency Website Page
  • (Small Scale Medicine Pharmacy Shop)

The technology :

➢ Django Framework 2.1.5 – Python 3.6.8
➢ SQLite
➢ HTML | CSS | Bootstrap
➢ Javascript

Why healthcare?

● Healthcare cannot be neglected and should be given utmost importance by students.
● This Health Care System Python project might be helpful in case of emergency as well as the daily medical needs of the patient.

System Design Document:

Online Healthcare System Activity Diagram

Online Healthcare System Class Diagram

Online Healthcare System Development View Diagram

Online Healthcare System Physical View Diagram

Online Healthcare System Use Case Diagram

The output Screens:

Here students can easily access the complete Online Healthcare System project code, report & Output Video of the project.

For more information regarding the project development please visit the developer’s Online Healthcare System page on GitHub.

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