Online Medical Store or Pharmacy Shop Java Project with code

Here download the complete Online Medical Store or Pharmacy shop Java Project with code, Abstract Seminar, Project Report, and how to run project user manual. The main aim of developing this project is to buy medicines online.



An online medical store is a pharmacy that operates over the Internet and sends orders to customers through shipping companies.
This project helps the users to provide medicines on time to the delivery location online.
This system requires a prescription for the specified drugs which is prescribed by the doctor and validated.


The main goal of this project is to help the user easily find medicines that are good for their health.
If there is no medicine in the store, it will be brought elsewhere.
If a prescription is attached to any medicine, the service department will check and confirm the prescription accordingly.


The online medical store has become famous these days.
Certain changes have to be made to the existing system or technology.
There is no feature of asking for prescriptions for the specified medicines.
This is the drawback of the existing system.


As the existing system has exhibited some ineffectiveness and inefficiency, some features are to be incorporated.
The prescription will be asked for specified medicines or drugs.
This helps in reducing the misuse of drugs.


I3 processor or more
Hard Disk: Min 40GB HDD
CPU TYPE: Pentium processor IV


Designing Tool : Notepad++
Operating System : Windows 7 or higher
Back end : JAVA, MySQL Database


This system helps to significantly reduce search time by allowing the user to enter a health issue and search accordingly.
The system also allows the user to add items to the user’s cart and place an order to pay for them.
This system will help reduce addiction.
Thus, this system is a great help in getting the most suitable medicine for the user’s health.

Download Online Medical Store or Pharmacy Shop Project Java & MySQL Source Code

Download Online Medical Store or Pharmacy Shop Project Report / Documentation, it includes Project Synopsis, UML Design Diagrams, Output Screen results and SRS.

Download Online Medical Store or Pharmacy Shop Project Final Review Seminar PPT


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