Pharmacy Management System Project in Java

Introduction to Pharmacy Management System Project:

Introduction to pharmacy management system:

An efficient pharmacy management system can make the work easier by giving the details of the medicine when its name is entered. A computer gives the details of the medicine like rate of medicine, and the expiry date and the row and rack location of the medicine. It becomes very difficult in big medical stores to handle the details of all the medicines manually, so by using this pharmacy manage system we can maintain the records of all the medicines.

Working model of  pharmacy management system:

Here a software is designed which keeps the records of the data of the medicines. It is fed with the information whenever new medicines are brought and it is provided with the row and rack location of the medicine. When we enter the name of the medicine it gives the details of the medicine. It gives the price of the medicine and also warns when the medicine has reached its expiry date.  We can also see the row and rack location of the medicine.

It keeps the total record of the medicines present in the store and we can see the total amount of stock sold and we can see the balance sheet of the medicines sold. We can also print the bill of the medicine sold and keeps the updated record for the medicines sold so that we can check the deficiency of the medicines.


By using this management system the time gets saved and there will be very negligible chance for the errors to occur. We can check the records  instantly which is not possible by manual methods. As the system gives the information of the expired medicines we can discard them and replace them with new stock. Thus we can conclude that pharmacy management system is helpful for handling the tasks efficiently in the store.

Download Pharmacy Management System Project in Java.

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