Hospital Management System Project Synopsis

This Hospital Management System package is used to automate all the activities of the Hospital. It includes all features which are regularly used in the Hospitals and also it provides with more features like  query based reporting system, reports maintained for Administrative purposes.

The main modules in this system are:

  1. Administration
  2. Accounts
  3. Reception
  4. Diagnosis
  5. Stores
  6. Enquiries

The important tasks of each module are as follows.


This is the main module of the entire Hospital Management System software. Any important classification of data has to be started from here. If any new Service has to be added then it has to be done from this module. Basically all main data which ever is required has to be entered from this module. Employee Appointment, Resignation, Visiting Doctor appointment, Attendance of all the staff, Lab and Ward service information,etc.

The user in the module can access any information requiring be changing or viewing. The reports that are generated will be for the support of the management.


All the financial accounting required in the hospital is managed and maintained using this module. Bill or any transaction information relating to financial terms will be updated to the database and will be accessed in this module for entry in the respective ledgers or records so as to produce a report on all the transactions that take place in the hospital.

Query based reports are available to retrieve based on the selection of the user requirements such as  Reports having the details of how much money is spent on procuring medicines to pharmacy for a period of any duration, etc.


This module is used to enter the details of the patients who come in as Out Patient(OP) and based on the information of the doctor they will be admitted as In Patient(IP). Once the patient registers as OP a number will be given to the patient based on the  treatment required and availability of the respective doctor. Once the patient registers and the time allocated for visiting doctor then the process of diagnosis starts.


This module will help the doctor to update the patient diagnosis information in the case sheet of the patient. It also helps to keep track  of the patient medication process to update the condition  of the patient by verifying past cases, if any.

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  1. Can’t you provide any facility of laboratory for tests, transfer of one patient from one department to other, transfer of patient to general bed or I. C. U.?

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