Simple Hotel Management System Project Using HTML and CSS

Project Title: Hotel Management System

Introduction: This project is about the hotel management system. There are different types of apps are circulating all around which gives us an idea about the new system of hotel management. The sites like Oyo, trivago, and just dial are the best successful startups in India which define how people are shifting from offline areas to online ones. People now prefer the easy way that always makes their life easy.

In this project, we develop a web page for a hotel management site that includes the type of rooms, login, and signup options for new users who want to join the site for further use. Different types are rooms are categorized under one section of the web page, check-in and checkout options are available we can online book the rooms and after any further query, we can modify or drop our room type or our booking.

And also it includes the address and contact number of the officials and members of the hotel if there is any issue is there for customers can easily contact and resolve their issue.

Nowadays we all know very well that people are shifted to the world of the internet. If any random person goes to some unknown place and needs to take a hotel what he can do in an unknown place? That is why the internet is the best thing around us. Our HTML, CSS, and JavaScript-based web application project is to develop a hotel management system.

It consists of hotel booking, Types of rooms, classes of rooms, and different booking sites. How people can contact the manager to get the details or to consult for future booking the Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts are also linked to the homepage.

This website is developed using HTML & to add designs and make it more attractive we used CSS and JavaScript to make it as best as we can. Different photos are included to give customers about the hotel.

This system is used to book hotel rooms and it is also used on OYO and other booking sites. Check-in and Checkout options are included with Signup and log in as an Existing Customer or New Customer options are available.


In our group, three members are present. The preparation of the synopsis for this project is made and the layout for the project is created. The coding part is done by all the members of the group as we manage to create a better layout with different ideas and different views that can create the best of one web page for us.

Contents of the web page:

• Home page
• Room type
• Location
• Contact us
• Address
• Prices and offers
• About us

This web page is developed using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. HTML is used to prepare the main web page for the hotel booking system. CSS is used to make it more attractive and elegant. Customers are always attracted to the attraction we made for them. different types of loading are used for different font styling in it.

Different links are provided on the home page to get into from Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. On this web page, you can select different types of rooms on basis of your requirement as ac, and non-ac rooms are available. Customers can book the rooms online and made online payments and book your room. This site is just like how Oyo and different booking sites work.

Some other web applications for Hotel Management Systems

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This project is divided into 3 parts:

The first part is named the HM file which deals with the coding of the main home page of hotel booking sites and all the details of the hotel are included in this code.

The second part is named CSS style. This file deals with the programming in CSS which gives the HTML home page styling and helped it to look far more attractive in it. This module gives the looks and makes it attractive for visitors.

The third part is included the different codes for the elegant different font styles. There are 3 different files present here for the fonts. Different images are included here and also a logo is there for the developer.

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