Hospital Device Management Java Project


Hospital device management is a java project which is developed to keep records and generate reports. This project keeps the records in a centralized way.


This Hospital device management project is an web application proposed to maintain the collected data of an organization. This system is a software application which avoids more manual hours that need to spend in record keeping and generating reports.

This Hospital device management application keeps the data in a centralized way which is available to all the users simultaneously. It  is very easy to manage historical data in database. No specific training is required for the employees to use this application.

Employees can easily use this application that decreases manual hours spending for normal things and  increases the performance. The data is centralized and is very easy to track an request ,monitoring the devices and reporting.


The main objective of this Hospital device management project is to maintain the collected data of the hospital in a centralized way.


Admin Module :

The Administrator can enter the all the details of the Doctors details and all  the information related to the devices in hospital. He can track the information about the devices issued to doctors and request placed by the request of the doctors. He can view all the doctors, employees, finance dept staff and all the information related to the devices in the hospital.

Doctor module :

This module maintains all the information of the particular user, which belongs to the devices which  are available in the Hospital. This module maintains the details of the devices issued to the user. This module place a request to the devices which he required. This can be maintaining Admin, Doctors, and Accountants.

Finance Dept Module :

This module deals with view the profile and he can modify and update the profile. This module will look after the inventories, place a new order of devices and add the new devices which arrives the hospital. The device sanction is done based the request of the doctor and approval of the administrator. The devices can be updated and deleted from the list of inventories by the finance department module only.

Employee/Staff :

This module deals with view the profile and he can modify and update the profile. This module will be responsible for the inventory maintenance and monitoring of the devices in the hospital. This module people will deliver the devices to the doctors based on  the sanctioned devices by the finance department to the doctors.

Software Requirements:

Web Presentation                                 :           HTML, CSS

Client – side Scripting                          :           JavaScript

Programming Language                      :           Java6.0

Web based Technologies                     :           Servlets, JSP

Database Connectivity                         :           JDBC

Java Version                                         :           JDK1.6

Backend Database                                :           Oracle 10g

Operating System                                 :            WindowsXP/2000/2003,LINUX

Web Server                                           :           Tomcat 5.5

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