Hospital Database Management System Project using PHP & MySQL

Description of Project:

Hospital Database Management System Project using PHP & MySQL developed under the Database Management System Course study, It is DBMS based application that can handle different workflows related to a hospital using MySQL and PHP. The main aim of developing this project is to develop an online web-based system that registers, stores, and alters the data related to the day-to-day hospital operations to have some meaningful conclusions.

System Requirement Specification:

We have used Netbeans IDE 8.2 software to configure PHP/HTML/CSS scripts on our localhost webserver. The operating system was Windows 10 / macOS Catalina. The web browser is Chrome with PhpMyAdmin as Front-end and Back-end Integration. We deployed our web server on localhost using Apache(built-in server) using MAMP/WAMP (MacOS/Windows Apache MySQL PHP. At Least 8MB of disk space is required. We can implement Hospital Database Management in modern browsers like IE7+, Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, and Opera that support CSS and HTML frameworks.


1) Managing Patients Information:

  • For deriving the age of a patient, given the DOB, we have created a function followed by a procedure 
  • To get an overview related to the blood groups of all the patients present in the database
  • To get the details of the patient who has the maximum number of appointments in this hospital
  • To display the patients who took appointments on the weekends
  • To get information about the patients who took an appointment during the current month
  • In our database, we have a table for all the patients in the hospital, and then a separate table for indoor patients. However, we do not have a table that shows the details of outdoor patients.
  • At last, we have generated a bill for a visit of a patient, which includes a patient’s visit charge, doctor charge, medicine charge, etc. And generates the total amount to be paid.

2) Managing Doctors’ Information:

  • To get information about the most famous doctor/s among the patients

3) Managing Appointment Related Information:

  • To get the trend of appointments for each weekday
  • To display patient-wise appointment details
  • To display year-wise appointment details

4) Managing Department wise HODs:

  • For identifying a HOD of a department

5) Managing Staff, Rooms, and Medicines related to Information:

6) Managing Admin/Login Details:

  • We have created a simple login and user registration system using authentication from Admin User Table.
  • There are some functionalities like creating a new administrator, logging out, and password change.
  • As a matter of Privacy Policy we don’t save ‘password’ directly but instead, store the HashCode corresponding to it

7) Managing other information:

  • If Contact no. is not a 10-digit number then a trigger will display an error message
  • For managing patient log details

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