VB project on Data management system for a Pharmacy shop

VB project on Data management system for a Pharmacy shop project mainly deals with database management for a pharmaceutical shop. Medicines that are available in the shop are initially stored in the database. Data stored in the tables are connected to the main program using Visual Basic program. VB-project-on-Data-management-system-for-a-Pharmacy-shop.

Front end GUI is created using Visual Basic which is the better programming atmosphere for business applications. Microsoft Access is the database running in the back end.GUI is provided for database management. 

There is lot of scope for future development for  Data management system for a Pharmacy shop project. With few modifications to the code, BAR CODE facility can be included. This project will be best choice for students looking for database project for a first time. 

This document provides entire information of the project with block diagrams, Data flow diagrams and GUI features.

System Requirements for developing VB project on Data management system for a Pharmacy shop project 

The system services and goals are established by consultation with system user. They are then defined in details and serve as a system specification. System requirement are those on which the system runs.

Hardware Requirements:

  • Computer with either Intel Pentium processor or AMD processor.
  • 128MB DDR RAM
  • 40GB hard disk drive

Software Requirements:

  • Windows 98/2000/XP operating system.
  • Microsoft Office package.
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0

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