Online Voting System ASP.Net Project Synopsis


Project Title: Online Voting System


This is a web page in which we create a voting system. We consider that all voters are preregistered by admin when the voter login for voting he/she can give only one vote. This project developed for threat free and user-oriented Online Voting System. Online Voting System is made for the voters who want to vote for their favourite candidate sitting at home or from any location.


The online voting system is implementing in using MsAccess database.  The main aim of the online voting system is to develop communication with candidates. This web page used by the college for mini-election in which voters who have registered by admin can vote for their favourite candidate. The voter will log in and give its vote to its candidate to whom voter wants to vote.


Admin will register voters and candidates who are standing in an election or any other activity. Only admin can check the result.


To make the communication strong with the candidate and to provide the easy way for voting. To increment the voting percentage. As many people have their physical issue that they cannot go to voting boot so this system gives facility to voters that they can vote from any place or any location.


As this project is online so it is easy for voters to give the vote to their favourite candidate from any place or location


The voters must keep their login id and password secrete because the voter can vote from any place. As the project is online so anyone can vote using its login-id and password.

Project Objective:

The casting of the online voting system from virtually from college building and display voting results for the administrator to analyze and provide a most secure and user-friendly online voting system.


By using the online voting system it will become possible to cast vote easily and without partiality. Thus seamless voting using the central database is possible and will cause no repetitions of votes.

Website Content Management System Development using WordPress

As a part of this website development work, the student needs to create a website in WordPress Blog. Here we will be responsible to select a theme for our website, for example, their portfolio or a hobby.

The WordPress website must look professional and contain the following features.

  1. Create a WordPress website by selecting an appropriate theme/template.
  2. Create a minimum of five pages on this WordPress website, make sure these all the pages are available in the main menu
  3. Create a secondary menu to display the facebook, twitter, google plus, social links on the website.
  4. Use WYSIWYG Text Editor and create a post with at least the following features
    1. Hyperlink
    2. Photos
    3. Text alignment
    4. Add a table on the page
    5. Display share to social media options
    6. Make use of HTML editor
  5. Create a photo gallery and display the link in the menu
  6. Post a video on the page
  7. Create a poll and display it on a page
  8. Display your blog on the menu
    1. Add a blog category either to top menu or any other side menu.
  9. Create at least five blog articles and categorize them in at least two categories
  10. Add widgets on your pages or blog entries


This web application will be the mini project of the students’ final year. Students must keep their website until the end of the second semester to keep their project marks since there is no hard copy for the submission. As a part of the web project submission, students must provide a cover page which will have the following information and your website address. Students will upload this document to Moodle to submit the project. The application must be uploaded on Moodle prior to its due date, whereas the project will be assessed in class.

Include the following in your cover page

  1. Full name
  2. WordPress website address

Include the following in your website mandate:

  1. A brief summary of the WordPress website
  2. Theme or Template used in the web project
  3. All menu options in bullet form
  4. Screenshot of each page with a brief description on each menu item

Farmers Medium of Communication for Support Price of Crops


Farmers support price of crops is a web application which is useful for farmers to sell their crops at a good price. Nowadays the main issue for farmers is getting a good price for their crop so this creates a medium between farmers and buyers. In this Application, Farmers will register and login into the application and provide the crop details which they want to sell and also should mention the details like the type of crop and minimum amount etc. After submitting all those details the crop will be available for buyers o buy the buyers can register and login into the application and search for the desired crop and can bid the desired amount but cannot bid the amount less than the minimum amount. The Crop will be an auction for a particular set amount of time after the time expires the person with highest bid amount will be shown to the farmer and he accepts the crop will be sold to Buyer.

In this Farmers Price Project, we have 3 modules

  1. Admin
  2. Farmer (Seller)
  3. Buyer

Modules Description: 


Admin will login into the application with the default username and password and he can view the registered buyers and sellers and he can view the crops sold to buyers by farmers and the amount bid by the buyer.

Farmer (Seller):

Farmer or Buyer will register and login into the application using username and password given at the time of registration and he will enter the crop details and the minimum bid amount and after the bid closes he can accept the highest bid. 


Buyer will register and login into the application he can view the crops or search by crop name and bid the amount for crop after for a particular set amount of time the bit closes if the highest bid was on his name he can view the crops which he brought in the auction. 

Existing System:

In Existing System Farmers faced the problem of getting a low price for their crops because of the medium between buyers and sellers, in which the farmers used to go to the centers with their crop and wait for their turn to sell this take long time and instability of day to day price.

Proposed System:

In the Proposed System, Farmers have a good medium through this application and they can decide the price of the crop which is a big failure in the previous system.

System Design Diagrams:

Use Case Diagram:

Sequence Diagram for Seller:

Sequence Diagram for Buyer:

Sequence Diagram for Admin:

Class Diagram:

Activity Diagram:

Source Code will be uploaded soon.

Online Course Management System Java Project


The main aim of the developing this project is to provide live interactive virtual classroom site for online course importing affordable learning. This web application gives an opportunity to the students to get advantages of personalized learning. It offers course modules, assignment & performance tests to master the subject.

The main objective of delivering one of the most technologically advanced qualities online tutoring platforms.


Offline education has been a part of our education system for as long we can remember.

In the existing system, we can store all the record manually that require large manpower & place to store all the records
this system was carried out through a manual process.


It leads to following disadvantages.

  • Manual process.
  • Maintenance of records is difficult.
  • Chance of occurrence of errors.
  • Involves large amount of paperwork.
  • Slow updating & renewal of data 


Automated To overcome the disadvantages of the existing system we proposed the online system.

The best technology learning tools such as video lectures, group chats, multimedia presentation & interactive software are used by us to provide online education.

This application introduce all types of question papers and solutions regarding the course

It also provides an audio lecture for each subject.


  • The automated system is time-saving and better performance than the manual based system.
  • Students are encouraged to think critically & support their opinions.
    It supports the learning style of both audio and visual learners
    class time is not wasted.
  • Students who excel in online class develop a system for keeping track of upcoming online exams and assignments due dates.
  • There are no traffic jams, parking hassles are adverse weather conditions
    it enables the students to access course materials & contributed to discussion boards.
  • Home comfort.
  • Cost savings.
  • Schedule flexibility.

Online Test Management Application Project Synopsis

Online Test Management:

Online test application will provide an Online platform wherein students will attend online objective questions. Grades will be provided as per the number of questions that were answered correctly. This concept will use an admin panel as the backend for loading the questions and also identify whether the student has selected a correct answer or not. Questions will be segregated on the basis of different subjects.

The option will be there to add subjects also. Admin panel will be saving the data and communicating with DB via web service or API.  It will have a flow wherein a subject will be selected and that will load respective questions. Once all questions are answered result will be published there and then.

A student can see grades as per the number of questions that were answered correctly or will calculate the marks for all correct answers and show percentage of marks.

The whole process of conducting the test and checking them and then grading them was a tedious manual process and time consuming too. This whole process can be avoided by adapting to a new online text conducting application that will allow  a easy to approach UI wherein students can save their answers and also being graded much faster and their by publish results soon.

This software will also be secured as it will provide code match system which admin will provide to the student which each of them has to enter to start the exam. Student will also register themselves to appear to this exam. After successful registration admin will approve the registration and then the student will login to the online application system. We can also implement time constraint check for the completion of the exam after which student cannot attempt any question.

User Types: Admin and Student



  • Subject: Will have the option to add subjects for which questions will be uploaded.
  • Questions: This module will select a subject and then add questions to it along with correct answers for the same. This actually helps in checking whether student gave the correct answer or not. This part is basically admin panel which manages the question and answer that are save in DB and then provide instant results too.
  • Student: Admin will approve student registration for attending test online. Will also post results for different subjects for which student has appeared.
  • Grades: Admin will define grades as per percentage of correct answers given by the student. All those calculation are taken care in this module.


  • Exam: Once logged in a student will have set of questions which will be objective and he or she has to select the correct answer. It  will be a UI with questionset being loaded on the basis of the subject selected.
  • View Result: This module will be a UI where in result will be shown in a grid grouping them subject wise. Grade and percentage of marks will also be shown for the student who has appeared for the exam.

Contact Us: Will show info related to contact numbers and also search filters.

Future Enhancements:

  • We can provide email notifications and SMS integration. This will require web service or API integration with SMS providers and SMTP configuration to handle emails. It will notify students once results are posted by admin.
  • Add Blogs that can be posted by students.
  • We can plan a social platform in the same application where in students can chat with other registered students. Can also like comment and share posts from other students. Admin can also post info and students can access it. Post pics and share them too in groups created by students.

Software Requirements:

Technical Aspects:
Database: Sql Server 2008  and more
Language: C# and Asp
Framework: .Net
Front end: HTML, CSS, Javascript

It can also be done in Php, MySql as the back end with other frameworks

Hardware Requirements:

Intel Core processor
RAM 4GB and Above
HDD 100 GB Hard Disk Space and Above
64 or 32 bit OS Windows 8 and above

Online Notice Board Project Synopsis

Online Notice Board

Online Notice Board is an application which will automate a lot of activities in a school or college or office etc depending upon the usage that is expected by different organizations. If its a school they can use it for displaying info related to different extracurricular events and winners info.

They can display info of all teachers in various departments, display timetable for students, display results of students. They can display info related to any holidays or info related to any fees collection scenarios or any common regulatories that are announced  by management. In the same way, it can be used by colleges also.

In this project, we will aim to provide a way to automate the way in which notice board messages can be updated, deleted or removed. Provide access to students/ professors or administrative etc officers to different features which will provide various information.

We will also provide roles and basing on it permissions will be granted to add or remove data to notice board features.

User Types: Admin, student, professors, staff,


Admin: Will have access to modules Departments, Result Board, Fees Board and Timetable board. Admin can login and add departments in department module. Can add results in results module which will then show the related info on board. Will upload timetable schedule daily. Admin will approve student registration logins / Professors login etc.

Student Registration: It will allow students to register. Once registered request will be sent to admin and it will be approved. Approved student login will have the option to view results, fees related info andalso access timetable.

College Profile: It will allow admin to add all important info related to college. Option will be provided to add information like year of start, no of professors, batches completed, classes, courses offered etc.  Information saved here will be seen on the dashboard of notice board by default for all logins. Will provide an option to add photos or pics of college. For a student or professor or staff, this module will show info that has been saved and managed by admin. Hence views will be different in case of admin when compared to other login types.

Departments: This module is accessible to admin, it will allow admin to add departments to it. A student can also have access to this module but his or her view will be to view all departments in college or school and view info regarding different departments.

Courses: It will be accessible to admin and will allow to add all courses provided in college or school. For other login types, it will  a view that provides information related to courses that are being offered.

Subjects: It will be accessible to admin and it will allow admin to add subjects to the courses that are being covered. Add max marks for each subject that  has been registered. Subjects will be added to different courses and hence a flow will be followed for managing courses, subjects, professors teaching that course and subject.

Roles: It will be accessible to admin and it will help creating different roles applicable like a clerk, accountant, professor, assistant professor, principal etc.

Professors: It will allow professors to register and link themselves to respective departments while registration. Also, add different subjects that can be taught by a registered professor. Add info related to experience which professor has.

Staff: This module will allow registration for staff members other than professors. And provide their information that can be saved in the system.

Results Board: It will allow admin to save marks for each subject for a registered student. It Will calculate the percentage of marks and other calculations needed. This will be accessible to students and admin with different views. For admin, it will be a view which will allow admin to add marks for subjects for which student enrolled. For a student, it will have a view which will allow him or her to view the results.

Fees Board: This module will have the option to add fees for different courses offered and then also maintain the fee payment details for students. Which ever students are registered in the application, admin wil update fees related info to keep a track of all the related info. For any logged in student, this module will show a grid or UI wehre in it will clearly show the fees per year, records related fees that has been paid by a student already with date, amount etc. it will also show pending fees amount too. All info that has to be shown has to be maintained by admin. This module is available for both admin and students.

Timetable Board: This module will have a option to upload timetable info daily as a part of the attachment. Admin can upload a print out which can be viewed by students and professors. This module will be accessed by both admin / professors and students. Timetable uploaded by admin can be viewed by logged in students and professors. 

Existing System with Limitations:

The existing consists of paper based notice which has to be carried by the human to every organization. Due to this, it has some disadvantages:

  • The paper may be torn or damaged due to bad weather conditions.
  • The paper has to be stored in some sort of files and managing physical files is tough.
  • The searching is very difficult to view a particular paper.

Future enhancements:

  • We can provide sms based integration for registration confirmation. Email based confirmation to provide approval confirmation.
  • Sendresults as an email to registered students and send sms alerts whenever results are sent to email or updated by an admin. Alerting module can be worked out in future.
  • Online fees payment for registered students with payment gateway integration.
  • We can develop a comprehensive timetable module which will automat complete process of generating a time table online.  

Software Requirements:

Technical Aspects:

Database: Sql Server 2008  and more
Language: C# and Asp
Framework: .Net
Front end: HTML, CSS, Javascript

It can also be done in Php, MySql as a back end with other frameworks

Hardware Requirements:

Intel Core processor
RAM 4GB and Above
HDD 100 GB Hard Disk Space and Above
64 or 32 bit OS Windows 8 and above

Venue Booking System Java Project


Venue booking system is a web application in which dealers and customers can add and book the events based on their location, availability, and area. This makes the workload simple for users to book an event they need to search for it. In this application, the user needs to be registered and log in to log in the user will search for venues by giving the location if the venues were present in the particular location.

The user will see the full information about the venue and if is interested he will book the request will be sent to the organizer who added the particular venue and if he is available according to the date he will accept and the user will the status that the booking is confirmed.

The Following Modules are present in the project:

  1. Admin
  2. Dealer
  3. Customer

Modules Description

  • Admin:

Admin needs to login into the application using the Customer name and password and he can view the registered Customers and registered Dealers. Admin can also view them.

  • Dealer:

The dealer needs to register the application before getting logged in after getting login the application welcomes Dealer with Dealer home screen, showing the functionalities of Dealer. He can add venues and view the Customer requests and accepts.

  • Customer:

Customer need to be registered into the application before getting logged in, after getting the login access Customer will search for the venues based on the location, Customer will select the address on the map. Then Customer will see the list of events available in that location and Customer can book any one of them the request will be forwarded to Dealer.

Existing System:

Generally, in the existing system customer has no idea of which events are going on and when they are taking place. Even though the Dealers publish the ads through flexi posts etc. It will not reach to all people. Customers who need to book for the events they need to visit the Dealers place.

Proposed System:

In The Proposed System the customer need not go anywhere he can just get all information about events in a single click. The Customer needs to register need login there he can find the list of events which are added by the Dealer and he can book by checking the availability. Then customer needs to wait for the response and if he confirms he can take part in the event.

Software Requirements:

NetBeans7.4, JDK 1.7, MySQL 5.5, SQLYog, HTML, JavaScript and CSS.


Home Page:

The Home page of the application shows the view of the application and the list of modules embedded in the project

Admin login:

This is the admin login page and using the Customer name and password enter into admin to perform basic functionalities

Admin home:

After Logging it welcomes with admin home screen showing the basic functionalities of admin

View Customers:

In this page admin can view the list of registered Customers.

 View Dealer:

In this page, admin can view the list of Dealers registered into the application.

Dealer registration:

In the Dealer registration page he will registered by entering all the necessary details.
Dealer login:

In the Dealer login page, he will login with the Customername and password which is given while registering.
Dealer home:

In The Dealer home page, we can see the basic functionalities of the Dealer
Add venue:

In this page the Dealer can add the venue by giving all the necessary details.

View request:

In this page the Dealer will view the request forwarded by the Customerand Dealer can respond accordingly.
Customer registration:

In this page customer can register into the application by providing all necessary details.
Customer login:

In this page customer can login by providing Customername and password.

Customer home:

In this page the customer after getting login it shows the basic functionalities of Customer

In this page customer can search the event based on location.

Search Results:

In this page customer will get the search results based on location.

The customer can book the venue by providing necessary details.

Online CD Store Project Synopsis


This application will be a web UI allowing customers to buy or rent CD’s that are available online. This application will have CD’s for sale and also for rent. Customers will register and buy CD by adding them to the kart. They can rent CD’s by requesting for the same and can use membership plans related to rent offers. We will provide a logical search engine which will show related CD’s as per interests and usually rented or ordered CD’s.

This application will have different vendors too who can add their CD or DVD or any related products. They can sell it via our application.  Registered vendors can add products and sell them online.

User Types: Admin, Employee , Customer and Vendor


1. Admin Module
2. Kart Module
3. User Module
4. Vendor module
5. Order management
6. The about us and Contact us pages
7. Products module

Admin: Will be able to add all base information, create CD category types. Will then add subcategory types to it. Admin will approve vendors who will send a request to register and then they can add their products. Vendors can sell products that are allowed by admin (as per categories added by admin).  Admin can view all orders in a day, deliveries in a day and update delivery status for any order. Admin can deactivate any vendor login in case of issues. Admin will also be able to add products which will be sold online in kart.  Registered employees login are also managed by admin, he can deactivate any employee logins. Admin will basically manage the admin panel which will allow saving all data related to products that are for sale online in the application.  He can view and manage all registered vendors and users. He can view and manage all products are being sold and also manage the stock of products. For products related to vendors, stock info will be updated by vendors itself.

Kart: This module will allow registered customers to add products to kart and then order them. It will basically be used to handle all products that are to be handled initially and also apply coupons or discounts if any.

User module: It will allow customers to register and login to the application. They will be allowed to search or browse through various products. Select products and add them to kart before confirming the order. They will have My orders option which will show the history of orders for a logged in customer (taken care in order management module for customers).

Vendor module: It will allow vendors to register and add their products that will be sold online in the web application Online CD store. The registration will be first approved by admin and then products can be uploaded with all info. They will upload Product name, images relevant, pricing, stock or quantity to be sold, delivery timeframe, contact number, email id, office address, warehouse address etc.

Order management: This module will handle all orders for all customers if viewed from admin side. It will show orders specifically for a customer if he or she is logged in. It will be linked to admin panel backend and provides a secured management of orders placed by customers. It will allow admin to update delivery status once all products related to a order is delivered. In case of logged in customers, it will show the history of orders and status of delivery in the same grid.

Products module: This basically is the admin panel backend which stores all related data for a product that has to be sold via this application. It will save each and every information related to a product. Category type, subcategory type, product name, product type, quantity, images, cost, color, description, features etc. It is accessible only to admin/employees or vendors.

Future Enhancements:

We can introduce wallet system to handle points as per orders and then provide discounts.
We can plan payment gateway integration.
We can introduce feature of holding a product in cart for n number of days and then dissolve it.
Provide feature where sms alerts are sent for confirmation of order, delivery confirmation etc along with email notifications.
Price comparison features for a product with other similar web sites providing same products.

System Requirement Specification: 

Hardware Requirements:
Intel Core processor
RAM 4GB and Above
HDD 100 GB Hard Disk Space and Above
64 or 32 bit OS Windows 8 and above

Software Requirements:

Technology: HTML,CSS, Jquery, PHP

Back End: SQLServer or Mysql

Operating System: Windows7 and more

Frame Work: Larvel or Phalcon

Or it can also be done in .Net

OPERATING PLATFORM:           WINDOWS 7 or later
Database:           SQLSERVER 2008 or  more
IDE & Tools:           VStudio.Net 2010 or more
Web Server:           IIS 6.0
Web Technologies:           Asp. Net, C#, Javascript, HTML, CSS

Online Accommodation Information System Project Synopsis


This Online Accommodation Information System project will basically be an easy to use web application that will allow customers or users to search for accommodation in all localities. It is basically for providing a platform wherein information related to rented accommodation will be provided as per different search criteria. It will have sophisticated search logic which will cater to all sorts of customers.

User Types: Admin, Customer, Dealers


Admin: This module will have options to create all base information.

It will have the option to add Property Category types like flat, farmhouses, Individual houses etc. It will then have the option to add subcategories like 3 bhk flat, 2 bhk flat, individual farmhouses, 2 storied or 3 storied individual houses etc. It will have the option to save info related to dealers who will save data related to their properties. It actually will manage approvals of properties that are being added to the system by dealers after verification. It will have the option to update the status of properties to indicate that they have been occupied or vacated or discussion in progress etc.

Customer module: It will allow customers to register and then search for accommodation as per search criteria. The customer has to add all information like price range, locality looking for, type of property and other related information while searching for properties. The dashboard will be provided to show the related search results and option will be provided to contact the dealers of properties.

It will also have the option to send request meeting with a suitable time frame to see the property and they can also get a notification in dashboard once the meeting is confirmed. Once a dealer confirms request sent by the customer the contact information will be shown so that he or she can contact dealers over the phone.

Dealers: They will register with online accommodation system to host and advertise their properties. Once registered admin will check and approve their registration. Once approved they can add their property info and advertise it. They will have a dashboard which will show the info related to properties which were viewed by different customers. If a customer sends a request to view a property that can also be seen in the dashboard under a separate section. It will show the timeframes which customers are looking for and they can accept request which will then enable contact information for the customer.

Future enhancements:

We can introduce email notifications, SMS alerts to customers.
Chat functionality can be enabled after request acceptance for both customer and dealer.
Ratings and review functionality can be introduced which will allow the customer to rate or review dealer property which was shown or rented successfully.

Technical Aspects:

Database: SQL Server 2008  and more
Language: C# and Asp
Framework: .Net
Front-end: HTML, CSS, Javascript

It can also be done in Php, MySql as backend with other frameworks.

Training and Placement Cell Java Project Abstract

Training and Placement Cell is an online-based software application created in the Windows system so that the training team and the university site can provide the important points of their students in a database so that the companies obtain a suitable means of employment. begin the session.

The Training and Placement Cell contains all information regarding students. The device stores all of your students’ personal information, such as your personal details, your added scars, your experience and your specialized skills that may be required in the CV that will be provided to a company.

A device is an online software that can be achieved throughout the business and effectively with the appropriate start of the session. This technique can be used as a software for university TPO to manage scholarly information regarding placement.

This challenge contains all the important points of the students that can be considered by all consumers (read-only), but only the student can modify them if they have an approved service. By maintaining student information, the system facilitates the options for a company to test the employment process.

Students can search for the product needed for the selection method, such as talent, reasoning, and other different sites for site documents. The activities that take place in the university and the achievements of the students, that is, the details of the students chosen, can be seen by all users.

So our challenge offers the ability to keep the important points of the students and get the set of people needed for companies that wish to recruit individuals according to the confirmed query.


The earlier program is not computerized. All transactions in the system are performed personally sustaining records. To make that laborious job simple the customers have to computerize the system.
The management and most of the departments which have been holding out that job using personally makes the job harder and monotonous all of the times. Therefore, the easiest way is advanced computerization of the current environment.

For example, in the earlier program positioning official has to gather scholar details for placements. Signing these scholar details requires lots of time. Positioning official and pupils have to consult each other straight if any data is needed. If any new organization come for placements, positioning official and his team has to search the scholar details and they have to get the eligible prospects for that specific organization placement.

Here looking for eligible prospects requires lots of time. And sometimes some prospects’details might be missed.


The planned program is fully advanced, which removes most of the disadvantages of the present system. The planned program is an on the web application which can be seen through the entire company and external as effectively with proper login provided. This technique may be used as a software for the TPO of the university to control the scholar data with regards to placement. Pupils recording should have the ability to add their data in the shape of a CV. Visitors/Company associates recording in may also access/search any data set up by Students.

All the customers have some common services like adjusting the password, upgrading details, looking for details, checking the important points, mailing to the supervisor, and studying the substance submitted by admin if the consumer is a student. The supervisor has to accomplish the services like putting activities, achievements and he can reply to the messages sent by users. They can add components, search for scholar details, and he has the best to approve the students.