Hospital Management System PHP Project

There are Thousands of hospitals in Big Cities, and these hospitals have very many ill people, So peoples have to visit personally to Doctor for treatment and appointment. For treatment it is mandatory to visit Hospital but for Appointment works it does not looks good to visit Hospital again & again.

Many my visitors has asked me to add this project So i have added this Here the people can take appointment from Doctor online, all the information of Patient’s are keeps on Internet .

It is great Benefit for Both doctor and patient because they can view all reports, bills etc. online. These transactions are absolutely error free and secure.


• Cannot Upload and Download the latest updates.
• No use of Web Services and Removing.
• Risk of mismanagement and of data when the project is under development.
• Less Security.
• No proper coordination between different Applications and Users.
• Fewer Users – Friendly.

Proposed System

Hospital Management System Is Powerful, easy to use and flexible and designed to deliver the real conceivable benefits to clinics and hospitals. Such kind of projects are very useful for Doctors and others users .

It provides the many benefits which includes enhanced administration and control, cost control ,streamlining of operations and improved profitability.

This project can look after OPD patients, written records, Database treatments, Billings, Status illness and inpatients. This project have may modules which includes Doctors, nurses, Pharmacist, Patient, Admin and Laboratories.

All the attendance and Payroll records of employee can be maintained .


Duties of Admin can be described as below:

Add employees in the hospital
For receive online payments Insert PayPal and 2checkout account
Keep track on employee’s records which includes editing, view and deletion.
Can check weekly, daily, and monthly views of doctor’s appointments with the patients.
Checking login time on all doctors on this Project
Keeping Details of patients of each doctor
Can check status of that patient
View help



• Processor : Intel Pentium IV 1GHz
• RAM : 256MB (Min)
• Hard Drive : 5GB free space
• Monitor : 1024 * 768, High Color inch
• Mouse : Scroll Mouse(Logitech)
• Keyboard : 104 keys


• WAMP — Web Application Server
• PHP — Server Side Scripting Language
• MySQL — Database
• XHTML — Extendible Hypertext Markup Language

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  1. I am doing project for security and authentication in e-healthcare system over cloud for that i need reference of your project . please send me the project as soon as possible

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