Pharmacy Management System CSE Assignment Report

Introduction to Pharmacy Management System CSE Assignment:

Today’s the technology is growing at a very vast speed therefore the work for the Pharmacy is becoming very much so to do the work in the accurate way and to improve the accuracy of the work and to make it more secure and safety Pharmacy management system was developed which manages the work flow of the Pharmacy. This Pharmacy is still doing their whole work manually. Therefore the Pharmacy needs many workers to monitor all the process and to check the presence of the each drug in Pharmacy.

So when the new drugs or new batches of the drug arrive in the Pharmacy the manual entry is done in the register. And this also followed when the drug is given to any patients. When the month is completed the workers in the Pharmacy have to generate the list or report manually of the drugs in the Pharmacy shop. This work is done to maintain require stock in the Pharmacy. This kind of work may lead to mistake by workers and lead to a major problem.

Therefore to solve this kind of problem the urgent need is to develop a Pharmacy management system that will prove beneficial for the Pharmacy. By using this software we can generate bill, maintain the stock very well, we can do cost saving and maintain inventory control.

There are two main requirement of the software that is it must manage the stock of the Pharmacy and another is that it must produce the separate reports of purchase, sales and the stock. This work will be done in five phases they are to design database, design of all Algorithm that are necessary, implementation and then testing of all the system is done and last one is to produce the software in the market.

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