A Project Report on Hospital Management System

This Hospital Management System software is designed and developed to the specific requirements of any hospital to provide better services to patient and also to reduce the manual workload on staff and most important to maintain the case history of patients, their diagnosis process and also for consultation purposes.

This software provides with the following modules:

  • Administration
  • Reception
  • Finance Department / Accounts
  • Stores & Pharmacy
  • Diagnosis
  • Enquiries

The significant features of all the above modules are listed below:


This is a very important module and has to be handled by only the authorized persons.

This module is basically used to maintain all that data which is mostly a one-time entry and based on this data only the total software modules will function.

The important Features of this module are :

It provides the client to

1. Specify the services available with them – like Floors, Wards, Rooms, Beds, ambulance, catering and all such other types of services, which the hospital provides.

2. Specify the different types of Departments / Sections with their respective hierarchy of staff.

3. Recruit staff and also visiting Doctors/ Surgeons, their specialization, and availability. activities relating to payroll.


Handling the Front office / Reception activities like

Patient Registration
Renewal for O.P
Billing for O.P
Doctor/Surgeon Availability


This is a very important module that takes care of patient’s medication details i.e. case history.

The Doctor or the respective hierarchy will enter the diagnosis process and any important note or remark.

All the data that is maintained in the system can be retrieved, as required, from the case history of the patient.

Data pertaining to patient including Scan images, video clips, medication details can be maintained in the system.

Stores & Pharmacy:

This module takes care of the stock of medicines to be maintained in the hospital.

It checks the re-order level of the stock and informs the respective personnel about the status of the stock.

It ensures that there is always availability of medicine in the stores.

Keeps track of the information of distributors area wise and also provides with a report from whom the medicine is mostly purchased.

The pharmacy plays a very important role in the hospital. Through this the medicines to the patients are given. The bill is automatically updated in the patient’s account. The out- patient bill is given to the patient and the amount will be collected at the Pharmacy. In-patient bill will be collected by the Finance Dept, which in turn comes from the Pharmacy.

The indent placed from the pharmacy is given to the stores dept immediately and based on that they can take a decision for purchase of the medicines.


This module maintains the total information relating to the bill and receipts maintained within the hospital.

The salary for the staff is handled by the Accounts Dept.

The bills produced from the pharmacy and all other sections maintained here.

Some important registers maintained are as follows.

Registers Maintained:

Daily Collection Register
Purchase Register
Receipts & Payments Register
Cash Register
Bank Register
Patient Register
Services Register

Different reports based on the queries are being generated to assist the management in getting qualitative reports.


This is very helpful at the reception to find out the details available in the hospital.

Through this module the information relating to patients, services available, doctors / surgeons availability, cost of different tests conducted in the hospital etc.


This module supports for 2 users to work. One is Administrator (for Pharmacy) and the other is a normal Pharmacy User. The menu options given for both user logins are listed below.

Pharmacy Administrator User:

• Pharmacy

• Distributor

• Stock Master

• Transactions
a) Purchases
– Order Form
– Delivery Challan

• Reports
a) Medicines
– Medicine wise Stock Details
– Required Medicines
– Expiry Medicines

b) Distributor
– Medicine wise Distributor Details
– Distributor wise DC Details
– Distributor wise Order Details

c) Stock
– Dead Stock
– Less Stock
– Re-Order

• Transaction Based
a) Purchases Report
– Monthly
– Weekly
– Daily

b) Sales Report
– Monthly
– Weekly
– Daily

Pharmacy User:

• Sales
– to Patients
– to Outsiders

• Medicine Details
–  Medicines Required
–  Less Stock (than ROL)

• Enquiries
a) Stock
– Available
– Required

b) Patients
– Prescribed Medicines

Collection Center:

This is the place where the patient pays any type of bill in the hospital and also it is this place where all the information of patients, their bills etc.. are maintained.
Menu for this login is listed below.

• Patient Details
a) Bill Details
– OP Registration
– OP Renewal
– Pharmacy
– Tests Conducted
b) Discharge Certificate

• Distributor Details
a) Bill Details
b) DC
c) Invoice

• View
a) Patient Details
b) Visit Details
c) Tests conducted
d) Bill Details
e) Discharge Details

f) Fee Details
g) OP Registration & Renewal
– OP General
– OP Renewal
– OP company
h) Test Fees

i) Company Details

j) Distributor Details
k) Bill Details
– Invoice Details
– DC Details
l) Address Details

Doctor User:

• Diagnosis
– Preliminary Tests
– Prescription
– Case History
– Direct to Specialist
– Direct to Collection Centre

• View
a) Patient Details
– Registration Details
– Case History
– Prescription Details

b) Test Details

c) Specialist Details

Font Applied For The Project :

Font Name: Times New Roman
For Titles:
Size: 12, Italic
Size: 10, Bold

System Requirements:

RAM : 2 GB (minimum)
Operating System : Windows
RDBMS : Oracle
Software : Microsoft ODBC for Oracle installed

RAM : 2 GB (minimum)
Operating System : Windows
RDBMS : Oracle – Client
Software : Microsoft ODBC for Oracle installed

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