Hotel Reservation Application Spring MVC Hibernate Project


Attached is the Hotel Reservation Application developed by me with an average UI.

This is a sample Project for” the HotelĀ Travel Desk applicationĀ (login, booking, update, cancel, and other details). Completed end-to-end projects with the latest technologies in java like angular js, Spring and Hibernate, and MySQL technologies.

Used Technologies:

Java version: 1.7
Apache Tomcat 7 or 8
Eclipse mars
Spring MVC
for knowing the versions, refer pom.xml

Steps to execute the Hotel Reservation project
1) create a database hotel_reservation in mysql database and edit the following properties like user name and password (mysql) in file and save it.(resources/


2) Click on Import the maven projects in eclipse.
Choose Hotel Reservation and import it.

3)In the Preferences-> maven settings -> update the settings.xml in the maven folder
in your folder.

4) Update the Hotel Reservation project, so that you will see all the errors get resolved (Because the update project downloads all the dependencies specified in pom.xml).

5) Run the Hotel Reservation project with maven build by entering the command
mvn clean install

6) And then choose the tomcat server and run the project.

7) Now you will be able to run the Hotel Reservation System application

Steps to Execute:

  • Import project as maven project in Eclipse
  • Create a database with the name mentioned in the resources folder)
  • Make sure that (properties in the file) match the username and password of Mysql.

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