Online System Shopping Management Project Synopsis

This document brief up the project titled “Online System Shopping Management”. The main objective of our project is to provide users with an online experience for buying computers. This project helps the user to check the rates on the net and compare them, and also view and purchase more products that are related to computers like accessories and everything.

This project gives a clear user Interface as to what detail the user requires about every computer present in stock and also every detail of the accessories etc.        


This site will be developed to make shopping for computers online. The site will be developed to help the user and also the seller. Any user can just use the net and shop for computers and also this reduces the load of sellers interacting with the customers.

In the present system, the computers are purchased manually by visiting the shop. So there is a need of automating the existing system by providing software solutions for it. So that there is the ease of shopping for the user in their busy life. By visualizing and experiencing all these problems, we felt it would be better to provide a solution for this problem. This was the basic reason for taking up this problem.

Problem Statement: 

The main aim of developing this project is to automate the process of shopping for computers. It also provides the seller with every record automated and avoids the interaction with the customers to convince the rate and all. It also provides users to choose every product on the site and also can purchase many products simultaneously.

A user can view his/her details about the product or buy a product by logging in with user name and password


  • The main purpose of using this new system is to provide, ease of shopping and selling for both customer and seller.
  • The objective of this new system is to provide easy access to the world of shopping.
  • This system provides security and backup of the data for the seller.

Technology Used:


The idea of using the Web as an application environment developed over time, with each stage of technology serving as a springboard for new ideas.



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