Design & Development of Tender Management System Project


The Tender Management System was developed to enable the vendors to get all the tender details online and provide a facility to submit the tender. This Tender Management System project was developed & designed with Java & MySQL Database.

Existing System:

  • Contractors need to submit their documents by visiting the office or centers on time.
  • Contractors have to bid for a particular tender on time by applying forms and need to wait for an approval reply.
  • The Admin Needs to post the Projects or contracts as a poster or advertisements regularly.
  • It takes a long time to access tenders or vendors’ data access.

Proposed System:

  • User Needs to Have a Network Connection.
  • New User needs to register a new vendor on the website.
  • Contractors can log in and bid for some existing tenders.
  • They need to log in using their login-id and password which they used while registration
  • To reduce paperwork, and data that are available online, using this final decision can be taken by the administration and can contact directly to such suppliers.
  • Easy to access the tenders and vendors’ data.

Software Requirements:

Language: Java
Web technologies : J2EE (JDBC/Servlets/JSP)
Front-end Design : Html, CSS, JSP, Bootstrap
Database: MYSQL
Scripting: JavaScript , CSS

Application Work Flow



Uploading advertisement documents
Verifying projects and contractors by using their information
Accepting and Rejecting Bids
Maintaining data and confirmation of the final report.
Update Notice Board
Make some announcement
Block or unblock some vendors or company


The Company needs to get registered to proceed.
The company can log in with a valid username and password.
Apply or releases new tenders and view the status of the tender.
Make Some announcements.
Change the tender details


Vendors are the key persons or contractors who look for new upcoming tenders on the website
Vendors’ Functionality includes:
New Vendors can register
Login using vendor-id and password
View and update their profile
See the new open tenders and their details
Bid for a tender with an amount greater than its base price
See the bid approval or denial status

After the tender status approval, they can view and submit the documentation
Vendors can look for the important notice in the notice section


Our Project Tender management System Successfully Created a user-friendly environment for the tender management process.
This Project is flexible and changes can be incorporated easily.
Easy for further Modification
Saves a lot of time by doing most of the processes online
It may lead to increase profit and improve the quality of a company.
Assigns the tenders and project in a good manner and optimal way to the contractors in less time with low-cost charges.

Download the complete Design & Development of Tender Management System Project using Java, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, and J2EE.

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