Food for Life PHP Minor Project Synopsis


”FOOD FOR LIFE” is a food relief web project to serve food for the needy. Nowadays, One-third of the food produced is being wasted and about 9 percent of the people in this world go to bed on an empty stomach. In this Minor Project, various party palaces or hotels have to give information about their unused food on our website and we or other organisations have to collect the food and distribute the food to the needy.

Technologies to be used

 This Food for Life project will be a Web application to be developed in PHP having below technologies:

  • PHP
  • HTML
  • JavaScript

Technical feasibility

The technical needs of the Food for Life system may include:

Front-end and back-end selection

When we decided to develop the Food for Life project we went through an extensive study to determine the most suitable platform that suits the needs of the organization as well as helps in the development of the PHP & MySQL project.

Front-end selection:

    1. Scalability and extensibility
    2. Flexibility
    3. Robustness
    4. Platform independent
    5. Easy to debug and maintain

Back-end Selection:

1. Multiple user support.
2. Efficient data handling.
3. Provide inherent features for security.
4. Efficient data retrieval and maintenance.
5. Easy to install.
6. Various drivers must be available.
7. Easy to implant with the Front-end.


The main objectives of this Food for Life project are:

  • The main objective of our academic minor project is to reduce food wastage as many of us throw unused food in dustbins
  • The objective of this is to help the organization that serves food to the hungry people


This ”Food For Life” project is to feed hungry people with the help of our system. Organizations such as hotels or restaurants have to publish the details of their food on our Food for Life website.

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