Hospital Management System Project using C programming


To create a Hospital Management System using C programming.


A typical Hospital requires a management system to control its various operations such as maintaining an account of all people in its domain of services, attending to various needs of patients, and also achieving increased efficiency in the overall working of the Hospital itself. In the present time, there is a great rush in hospitals, as these have become necessities for the middle and upper class of society.

Nowadays people are visiting the hospital because of this indecisive situation, even for a small issue, we need to consult a doctor. The booking is manually done using paperwork and direct human language communication by mouth to the hospital management. This delays the information in the hospital.

Booking is done through phone calls or through visits to the hospital or online. The Hospital Management System aims to make simpler interactions between staff and patients.

The system can be accessed by the admin and patients but the highest priority given to the admin is that they are allocated a login id and password.

Hospital Management System provides various Appointments Booking Services, Managing the information of patients, Description regarding the Appointment booking.

The proposed system enables automated data entry methods and enables fast and easy retrieval of guest records and data for fast reference activities.


  1. Add patients records
  2. List patients records
  3. Search patients records
  4. Edit patients records
  5. Delete patients records
  6. Exit

Hospital Management System using C

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