Java Projects for MCA

This category consists of Java Projects for MCA students. Here you can download java projects with source code, Final year java projects, Project reports, and MCA Java Projects Abstracts.

Download Construction Management System Java Project using Spring MVC framework

  1. Civilisation Game Java Final Year Project with Source Code
  2. Online Analysis on Node Performance Java Project.
  3. Data Accessibility for Engineering distributed systems.
  4. Dynamic Search Algorithm For Intelligent Message Routing
  5. CDN For Genome Sequence Similarity Detection.
  6. Java Project On improving peer-peer Streaming Output.
  7. Peer-Peer Network Protocol for Efficient Subset Search.
  8. Efficient Transmission Control Scheme Using DDM.
  9. Controlling Network Usage in Multi Homed Environment.
  10. Detecting maliciously mails in Compromised Router.
  11. Secondary Authorization Server A Java Project.
  12. Effective Use of Shortest Path Using Multipath Dissemination
  13. Techniques for Computing Shortest Path Between Nodes.
  14. Spam E-Mail Filtering A Java Project.
  15. Process Analysis in Asynchronous System A Java Project.
  16. Object Sharing with Multi Proxies for Edge Service Java Project.
  17. Life Span Based Organization Protocol for P2P Systems.
  18. Latency Reduction in Cell switching Network A Java project.
  19. Data Recovery Using Trap Architecture a Java Project.
  20.  Consensus Protocol Concept for AD-HOC Networks Abstract.
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