Civilization Game Java Final Year Project with Source Code

The main aim of this Final Year Java Project goes to play the simple civilisation game. This Game was written in Advanced Java Programming!!

Civilisation Game Source Code contains the below functions:

1) Creates Random Site Map

2) Itcan be run on all Operating Systems

About Java Programming Language: 

There are few threats to Java platform with recent developments like Oracle now controlling java, there is nothing significant that will reduce Java. Here are some of the below functions that provides more information about Java.

  • First We will Think about Java the Programming Language, TIOBE index which ranks the popularity of programming language rates Java as Number 1 language till now with about more than 20% rating.   TIOBE uses variety of sources to arrive at this rating. The closest to Java is the ‘C’ programming language which is about 15%.   Rest of the languages not even near to these ratings, all in single digit ratings. 
  • One of the major java weaknesses is the “client” side computing language.    Java has lost the User Interface game recently, because of platform neutral widget approach.    However with Eclipse Standard Widget Toolkit has given the Java User Interface a rebirth.   Eclipse is the popular integrated development environment used in the world.  Most of the tool vendors base their environments based on Eclipse as well.   Far from dead again.
  • Everybody agrees that future of client side computing is Mobile Computing.   Google developed Android operating system uses “Java” the programming language (not the platform dependent) for application development.     Given that Android has recently surpassed both Apple iOS and RIM Blackberry OS as the dominant mobile Operating System, no points for guessing which programming language is winning the future of client side computing.

download Civilisation Game Java Final Year Project with Source Code

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