Wireless Networks Seminar

Introduction to wireless networks:

For any communication network it requires a medium for transmission of the signals. Previously wired networks are used in which cables are used for transmission of the signals and due to advancements in technology wireless networks are introduced in which the information signals are transmitted using free space. In this Wireless Networks Seminar paper we will see about various wireless communication networks and devices and their working model and their frequency ranges.

Wireless Networks Seminar

Brief on wireless networks and devices:

The radio communication signals are invented in the 1880’s and later the wireless revolution came in the 19th century and any advancements have taken and now we are using microwaves and laser light for carrying the information.

In the first generation networks the bandwidth capabilities are very less and they are used only for making voice calls, later second networks are introduced which has increased bandwidth and it has added features like browsing capabilities and short message services but it did not have high data rates.

Now the transformation has taken to third generation networks which have enhanced bandwidth capabilities and high data rates. Foe limited usage of wireless networks zigbee protocols are used which is used in short distances and it is used in wireless local area networks.


Thus we can say that wireless networks allow transmitting signals without the usage of cables. We can transmit signals in very short ranges by using Bluetooth devices and zigbee protocols.

Wireless networks require less maintenance and the faults can be easily identified as they contain only transmitting and receiving systems. Wireless communications are used in space satellites and in mobile networks and the disturbances occurring in these are very less.

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