Zigbee Wireless Sensor Networks Seminar and Literature Review

Introduction to Zigbee networks:

Zigbee is one of the Architectures / Protocol developed for enhancing the features of wireless sensor networks and it is considered as a major achievement in the development of WSN’s.It is developed to fulfil the goals in wireless sensors that utilizes low power and low cost.  This Protocol is established by Zigbee Alliance, 2006 which based on the IEEE 802.15.4 specification for wireless networks that provides support for co-existence at both PHY (Physical) layer and the MAC sub-layer using with Application and Network layers on top of these layers along with some added network functionalities that enables the bi-directional wireless communication using more cost effective and minimal energy consuming battery powered devices. The protocol is widely employed in many applications particularly in Wireless sensor Networks.

Zigbee networks transmits wireless data securely, and reliable using wireless mesh network architectures for Commercial, Industrial, and also in other Health care, wellness and Fitness applications, and other purposes.

Why Zigbee protocol? 

There are many wireless application protocols specified by IEEE like Bluetooth (802.15.1) and Wi-Fi (802.11b).  Although these topologies work well they have some disadvantages like Low battery life, gives less bandwidth in transmitting the data and are not suitable for low power applications and involves high construction costs of nodes and such devices.

But, Zigbee has no demand for higher data rates and has the flexibility to connect to more nodes (up to 65000 Nodes) to furnish extreme connectivity between small packet devices. The architecture is also simpler and the node costs are comparatively lower than that of a Bluetooth node. One of the interesting features of Zigbee is its ability to support and work in mesh networks. These devices can work for several months or sometimes for years due to its low power output and can operate from 250 feet with data rate as low as 9.6 Kb/s .

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