Technical Seminar Topics For CSE on Wireless Protocols

Introduction to Technical Seminar Topics on Wireless Protocols:

The main objective of this paper is to give idea of wireless networks. As the usage of networks is growing , the demand of wireless networks is increasing. At present our network depends on routers and nodes. If the number of nodes increases routers also increases which leads to circuit complexity. The speed also gradually decreases .It is very difficult to add or change the nodes. Hence in order to avoid these problems we have developed basic Simulation of Routers with QoS in Java. Java is used because it is platform independent and it has powerful database connectivity. Linux operating system is used due to its open-source.

Brief into the Protocols:

The QoS routing protocol is more important for a wireless network. This Qos routing protocol consists of bandwidth calculation and bandwidth allocation. Performance of this QoS is verified by simulation. By using this simulation process we can calculate the bandwidth transfer. Bandwidth is calculated based on number of timeslots.

The administrator is given right to add or remove nodes, removing the link etc. Just by moving the cursor and with a single click, we can add or remove nodes which make the user more comfortable. Java programming language acts as a graphical user interface. The best routing path can be found by making the weight of node to zero.


It increases the speed of the networks for transmitting data to the end users. By using this protocol methods we can easily add or delete the nodes and we need not reconfigure the network for each time we add or delete the node.

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