MCA Seminar Topics Abstract on Self Configuration of 4G Network Terminals

Introduction to Self Configuration Of 4gnetwork Terminals MCA Seminar Topic:

Objective of 4G Network Terminals

It is to provide the mechanism for self configuration of receivers that operates in 4G network .It supports in highly heterogeneous communication. When we come across the generation of the mobile phones, they are 0th generation, First generation, Second generation, third generation and Fourth generation.  4G generation is IP based network it supports multiple access technologies


Addresses auto configuration based on IPV6, There are three types of IP address auto configuration mechanisms: conflict-detection allocation, conflict-free allocation and best-effort allocation. Quality of Service in this the self management idea is taken by the autonomous computing is to improve the performance and the flexibility of the system. HANDOVER OF HETEROGENEOUS NETWORKS, In 4g network users are in need of services of using the terminal of various networks it provides best network interface.


  • Users will own small networks in 4G networks, whose terminals will have heterogeneous interfaces and be mobile, thus increasing the dynamics and the  directions to solve the problem using a new framework that is able to adapt to emerging network contexts and meet the quality level. There are different module in the TMS they are Network Interface Adaptation Manager, Access Network selection Manager, Handover Manager, Intelligent Integrated Strategy Manager (IISM), User Preferences Default Configuration, Service configuration ,System monitoring  and watch dog. And the above network interface adaption is in the Media Access control and others are in higher layer.

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